Monday, 10 April 2017


I have one word for this product. Hybrid! This is marketed as a blush for benefit. This can also be a bronzer. Its one of those universal products that can be used for both. 

Like all Benefit Blushes, it comes with a soft natural brush inside that I actually love for contouring. 

It is like a rosy bronze shade and I love it in the summer. It has a sheen to it, Its not fully matte but it's not shimmery either. It gives a lovely radiance to the skin. This is one of those products that is perfect if you don't want to contour but you want a bronzy tone to the face and if you cant decide on a blusher because you cant decide what colour would match your look, this is it. The colour goes with any look. 

Benefit dallas swatched. 

This is fab quality as most products from Benefit are. It is not chalky and is super easy to blend on the skin. This has been in my collection a long time.This flatters all skin tones. Here it is on the cheeks.

Benefit Dallas is available at Debenhams for €34 and on Sephora for $29. 

Alanna x


Sunday, 9 April 2017

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick

This has been on my makeup/beauty wishlist for a loooooong time. I was gifted this product and I was so happy when I received it.  This lipstick claims to be hydrating, voluptuous and high shine. It is infused with hylauronic acid and 6 sensorial oils to keep your lips hydrated for up to 8 hours. 

Here is the product on the lips: 

In the shade Beige Blouse no.47. 

This isn't the longest lasting lipstick you will wear but it doesn't claim to be. I love how this looks on the lips. It is super shiny but very comfortable. More comfortable than a lip gloss. I like the look of lip glosses but I hate the sticky feel.  You do have to apply this often but who cares. Whipping out that lipstick in the cutest packaging makes it worth it. This is a cult classic and I can see why.  There are 30 shades to choose from, so there is a colour for everyone. 

Obviously this is a YSL product so it does run steep in price. €33. This is a luxury Item and isn't something I would purchase three or 4 of.  

Debenhams carry this line YSL Rouge Volupte Shine

Thanks for reading, Alanna x


Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Essence I love Stage eyeshadow primer

Are eyeshadow primers/bases worth it? Do you need it? Does concealer not do the same thing? I touched on this on my review on the Too Faced Shadow Insurance. I love this step for when you need your eyeshadow to last all night or all day. I have had this product for a long time and for the price of €3 you cannot beat it. 

This has a doe foot applicator and has the consistency of a thick concealer but it is very creamy and super bendable.  The finish of this product is matte, which I love but I will still set it with a translucent powder. 

Here is the product swatched. 

All in all I would say this will help your eyeshadow last about 6 hours which is better than if you put on your eyeshadow without a base. This also makes your eyeshadow colours pop and vibrant. 

This is great product for the price. €3 is a steal. If you wanted to try an eyeshadow primer then this is a great wee place to start. You get Essence products in local chemists and Penneys. 

Thanks for reading, Alanna xxx


Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Alfaparf Precious nature Oil

Is your hair dry? Frizzy? Tangled? This is the product for you. Infused with Grape serum and lavender. This has all natural ingredients. The grape serum, tames frizz and detangles hair. Keeps moisture locked in the hair. Lavender helps with the definition of curls without weighing down the hair. 

This oil comes with a pump to help the product from getting messy and for ease of use. 

The product smells unreal. I would put it in my hair for the smell only! The lavender and grape go so well together. This really works though. My hair, at the ends is super dry from bleaching the crap out of it. This literally helps get a brush through your hair and does not leave it greasy like other oils do. Although other oils like coconut oil are great for hair treatments. This oil is great for when your hair is damp and dry. It can help style your hair and really helps defining curls or keeping the hair sleek and shiny.  Simply apply a pump in you hand and rub both hands together. Starting at the ends of the hair, apply the product evenly. If you have any product left over apply to the rest of the hair, leaving the roots alone. 

I purchased my precious oil in Vixen Hair and Beauty Carndonagh for €19.90. 

Monday, 6 March 2017

Lacura Caviar Day and Night cream-Aldi

These creams have been on the go for about a year and a half. I have heard and seen great reviews on them. Even though they are aimed at 40+ I was so intrigued that they were supposed to be a dupe for the La Pairie cream, which runs at €367.. When anything says hydrating and illuminating I just get sucked in and need it!

The day cream has an SPF of 15. In any daily moisturiser having an SPF is a must. Both these creams contains Caviar extract. Rich in vitamins and minerals that plump and firm the skin. This also has snow algae that stimulates collagen synthesis. This cream is heavier than what I am used to but boy do I love it. My skin feels so hydrated and soft all day with this. You only need a small bit of this to moisturise the entire face. I have found that the day cream is an amazing makeup primer also.  I put it on and after a minute I knew that this would make an amazing prep step for foundation.  This on its own or under foundation leaves your skin dewy and illuminated all day. 

Day cream on my finger. 
Day cream in the tub. 

Next we have the night cream. This is also infused with caviar extract and also snow algae. Snow algae helps repair and sooth the skin. From the website: 'Additional caring benefits include hyaluronic acid to help increase moisturisation and prevent water loss as well provitamin B5 to help soothe and repair damaged skin. Your skin looks recovered and relaxed in the morning.This is a thinner consistency than the day cream.  It feels so light weight on the skin at night and when you wake up your skin feels so hydrated and over time the skin will look plumper, firmer and more youthful.  They both are in glass containers and I love that. No plastic chemicals seeping through to the product. 

Night cream consistency.

I have read in other reviews that people have even used the night cream under the eyes and noticed a massive difference on their wrinkles and puffiness. I love my DIY eyecream and have not tried this yet. When I run out, I might just give this a go. All in all, I don't think you will look like you have had a face-lift. I do think that your skin will feel hydrated and glowy. Giving a youthful appearance to the skin.

Both of these creams are €9 each!!! Yes €9 is amazing. You can get these in Aldi and they fly off shelves for very good reason. 

Thanks for reading, Alanna xxx


Sunday, 5 March 2017

Kat Von D Studded Beloved Lip Trio

So Kat Von D cosmetics recently became available in Debehams Ireland. For years I have heard nothing but great reports from their line, which was exclusively sold in Sephora until recently.  I only only have 3 lipsticks from this cosmetics brand so I thought I would do a review on them.

First things first is the packaging. These will look fab and edgy on any vanity. The studded design is so unique.

The 3 shades I have are Cathederal, Hellbent and Sexer. Here they are below in the packaging and swatched on the back of my hand.

First is Hellbent- A matte crimson red. This is a beautiful deep red and is perfect for that classic 'Red Lip'. 

Second is Cathedral- A matte coco rose. This is a cult favorite and by all accounts has every reason to be.  

Third is Sexer- A iridescent florescent pink. This shade isn't for the nude lover but by all accounts is a beautiful pink shade for the more adventurous type. 

The quality of these lipsticks are what you would expect. Fab! The matte shades last super long and the consistency isn't that drying for a matte lipstick. 

You can purchase Kat Von D cosmetics on These lipsticks will set you back €21.00 a piece. For the quality of these lipsticks though I don't mind the price.

Thanks for reading, Alanna xxx 


Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Mini Colourpop Haul/Review

So by now you will have seen all the buzz about Colourpop. Colourpop is an affordable makeup brand from the US and is known for their quality products. I have wanted their liquid lips for a long time and when free international shipping came up I jumped at the chance. I have a few shadows and a highlighter from them, a friend gave me them as she received broken products and they resent them to her, so I got the damaged products. They seem to have a fab customer service. 

For the liquid lipsticks, I decided to go with a set, as I really liked all the colours in the Forever or Never set. Here are all the colours swatched on my arm. This was $25.00

Airplane mode, Bumble, L.A.X, Teeny Tiny and Clueless. 
 These shades are fabulous and they last so long on the lips. The only draw back is that the darker shades go patchy much quicker than the lighter shades. These lipsticks last though. Almost all day. They are slightly drying. With any liquid lipstick you will have to keep your lips hydrated.

Next we have the eyebrow pencil in the colour Black N Brown.  This is a fab wee eyebrow pencil and is super affordable. It has a spooly on one end and a tiny pencil on the other end. This was $5.00

The pencil end is very like the Anastasia of Beverly Hills eyebrow pencil. Small and precise. The shade I got was quite dark and really would only suit dark brunettes. All in all though, this is a great wee pencil for the price. 

 Next we have another eyebrow product. The Bangin' Brunette pomade.  This was $6.00.  So affordable and very comparable to the ABH pomade I love and use all the time.

This pomade lasts and I love the consistency of it. I mean for the price this is amazing. 

When I received the package, which took over a month to get here, there was a €14 customs charge. This made my wee cheap purchase not so cheap. With custom charges it is the luck of the draw and usually if you keep it below $50 you are in the clear but I have heard that almost every purchase with Colourpop ends up with a customs charge. Keep that in mind when shopping on the ColourPop website. 

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