Monday, 29 February 2016

Becca Champagne Pop, by Jaclyn hill. Champagne Glow.

I got this palette in October of 2015. It was limited edition but I needed it. Even though I already had purchased Becca's Champagne pop. Champagne pop was on every social media site and youtube video so of course I needed it. At that time I was going to America and was so happy I could this without spending a fortune on the shipping. It was limited edition so I needed it even more. This one of my favorite highlighters. Its a white gold peachy-pinky highlighter and as the name says it pops! 

The other 2 shades in the palette are Pearl and Blushed copper. Both limited edition.  So I needed the palette and I would never run out of champagne pop(I hope).

Jacyln Hill, if you don't know who she is, is a youtube beauty guru and she collaborated with Becca Cosmetics to create this wonderful highlighter. It was supposed to be limited edition. It went out of stock 100 times. They have now made it permament!!!! (Yes Jump with joy).AND it is now available all over and not just on

 This will definitely be a more luxurious purchase but the texture is so creamy and it is highly pigmented that it is worth it. You can purchase this for £30.00 on and is free shipping if you spend over £50.00 which isn't hard at all!!  This was the cheapest place I found it. A must for any makeup bag.


Saturday, 27 February 2016

Top 5 Uses for Coconut Oil

**Organic Extra Virgin Coconut oil is an all rounder. (always read the label and choose organic and non refind). It is a natural moisturizer and has healing properties. I'm sure there are 107 uses for coconut oil but I wanted to share the top 5 uses I use the most. 

5: Hair mask/ scalp treatment.

For me personally this works a treat. I have dry hair and a dry scalp and right now I am in psoriasis hell (I maintain its moving back to Irelands fault). There are many things that claim to help with these issues and they can be expensive when you add up everything you might have tried. Some evenings when I fell like my dry scalp/psoriasis is really annoying I take a tablespoon of coconut oil, warm it in my hands and massage it on to the scalp. I will add more if I feel like it and put then remaining coconut oil thru the ends of my hair. I usually sleep in it. In the morning I jump into the shower and wash my hair as normal. My scalp feels better and my hair is really soft after. I make a hair spray from it too and will be doing a post on this shortly. Its for people with curly/frizzy hair. Its a quick alternative if you don't have the time for blow drys.

4. Cuticle Oil. 

For the most part I have really strong nails. I do find that with being a mom though they break alot more. I massage coconut oil at night into them and my nails look and feel great in the morning. They will get stronger in time. 

3. Oil Pulling

Coffee drinker? Tea Drinker? Want cleaner, stronger, whiter and healthier teeth. Start oil pulling now. I had heard this a while back and thought gross. You take a tablespoon of coconut oil. Put it in your mouth and swish it around for 10 minutes everyday. I thought I could never take the texture in my mouth and I didn't try it for a long time. Then one day I was cooking and I seen the coconut oil and thought. I'm standing here stirring I may as well try it. So I did and I stuck it out for about 5 minutes and it wasn't that bad. You have to spit it out after because you are pulling the toxins and germs from your mouth, gums and teeth. To swallow this wouldn't be the best idea. Another important point is to never spit the coconut oil out into the sink. Coconut oil hardens and can block your sink so spit it out into a tissue or the bin. I noticed a difference in days but you will see a dramatic difference in 2 weeks. I stopped and noticed it and writing this post is making me start it again.

2. Cooking. 

You buy coconut oil in the cooking section in the grocery store yet the last thing I used it for was cooking. This is a great healthier alternative to using lard, vegetable oil or any other oils that are full of crap ingredients. If you cant stand the taste of coconuts then this is ok too. The taste is very faint once food is cooked in it. Try it. Give it a go. 

1. Beauty. Eye Cream.

I use this a lot for beauty purposes. As a body moisturizer. I use it on my children after the shower from head to toe. I make eye cream out of it and its great. I noticed a decreased puffiness in the morning and dark circles about 2 weeks after using this. ( I use this on my lips too. 

I bought mine in a local supermarket for around 9 euro. Go on give it a go and see if you like it for everything too!!!!

Friday, 26 February 2016

Night-time Skincare Routine

I think our night time skincare is always the most important. We are healing when we are sleeping and our skin can do the same. I'm pretty good at taking off my make up before bed or cleansing, toning and moisturising. Sometimes I haven't and I always regret it. I have tried numerous methods and products at night-time and I finally think I have found something that works for my dry skin.

First off I start off the same as my morning routine and I use micellar water and toner (alcohol free). Next I apply my DIY eyecream(see my post on how to make this). I apply this softly to the under eye area and on my lid. Next I use the 'Garnier Miracle Sleep Cream'. This does contain a alcohol ingredient but I need something for the wrinkles and I figured one of the products I use can contain alcohol.

About 3 times a week instead of the sleeping cream I apply 'Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan oil'. This stuff is amazing. Its expensive but amazing. Its so hydrating and is multi-functional. This can be used on the hair, skin and nails. I love products that do 2 or 3 things. I can justify the price because its an all rounder.

The Micellar water can be found at any drugstore/pharmacy as well as the toner. These retail anywhere from 4-6 euro. The 'Garnier sleeping cream' retails from 14-17 euro. I found mine at a local drugstore/pharmacy. Finally I bought my 'Josie Maran Argan Oil' in sephora. This retails for $48 US for a 50ml bottle. I know the body shop have brought out a range of beauty oils that are supposedly great. Which I will try in the near future, 

Argan oil:
Body Shop oils:

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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Pippa Palette, for Blank Canvas Cosmetics

First off........Why didn't I purchase this sooner??

I remember when my friend purchased this and I thought 'I don't need another palette'. So I didn't even look at it let alone purchase it. Then the reviews, posts and youtube tutorials caught up with me and then I needed it more than I needed anything....

I follow Pippa and Taramakeup on snapchat. Again a recommendation from the same friend and every look they created and the colours I needed it more and more. I went to buy it and it was out off stock but it went back in stock on Feb 18th and I went straight online and ordered it. 

I am heading to Nashville Tennessee next week and i'm so happy I have this because it is going to be great for travel. You have everything in this palette. A Bronzer that is pale girl friendly, a blush, an amazing highlighter and perfect everyday to night-time shawdows plus a mirror. This is going to definitely decrease what make-up I pack for my short trip.

First I want to talk about LuLu........This highlighter needs to be sold separate because I know this will be my new go too!! Just the right amount of shimmer!! The blush, Pipsy, is the perfect peachy-pink and is buildable so you can go full hog or just a flushed look. Amour is a lovely warm bronzer and again buildable. I might just take these as my only blush and bronzers travelling. 

The eyeshadows are equally as exciting. They are all you will need for a everyday or evening look. 

Lily is perfect for a matte inner eye and browbone highlight. Susu can be doubled as an eyebrow filler and dodo is just beautiful. 

If you haven't already purchased this and are on the look out for GOOD essential eyeshadows and an amazing highlighter, bronzer and blush then this is your palette. Its all in one and is sooooo affordable at €34.95. Even if you are just starting out with make-up this is great because you don't have to buy things separate.  Also a great gift! I purchased mine at

You can also purchase them on and some local chemists have them in stock.


Tuesday, 23 February 2016

DIY Eye Cream

You only need 2 ingredients, a small clean container and about 5 minutes. Coconut oil and vitamin E oil are the 2 ingredients. Coconut oil is a natural moisturizer and multi-nutrient. Make sure to use organic virgin coconut oil and not refined as this is not as good. The vitamin E is a antioxidant and has anti-aging properties and natural healing properties. You will see this ingredient a lot in over the counter eye creams. 
First off I take a heaped tablespoon of coconut oil, I microwave this in a microwave safe bowl for about 35 seconds. Coconut oil is of a hard consistency at first but with the warmth of your hands/face it melts quickly. I use a fork to pop open the Vitamin E capsules and squeeze them in the bowl. Use about 4-6 vitamin E capsules. I stir all this together and simply put the liquid in my clean container. After a while the liquid will harden in the container.

 It is super easy, effective and a cheap alternative to eye-cream. You should see results in about 2 weeks. I use this in my night-time skincare routine. 

Tips: use and old eye cream container and wash it out to put your homemade eye-cream in or you can purchase any small plastic containers in a pound shop, dollar store or euro saver. 

Monday, 22 February 2016

My First Glossybox

When I seen the box with the words 'Glossybox' written on it, I was like a kid at Christmas so excited to open a box! It looked so cute and was black with their logo on it. It comes in the cutest pink box.

In the box I received 4 full size products and 1 travel size products. The first product was the 'Wilkinson Sword, Intuition razor' which retails at full size at £6.99. I'm happy I received it. I was out of blades for my 'Venus' razor. The second product was a full size eye-shadow by Glossybox themselves in the shade 'Glossy Mauve. This is what it is like swatched. 

It seems very pigmented and I really like the colour. It wore away quickly on my hand but I wont now how good it is until I wear it. This retails at £7.10. The third product was 'The Vintage Cosmetics Company, floral slanted tweezers' and they retail at £8. I like the print on them. The fourth product was 'Emite, diamond heart primer'. This smells fantastic. It went on very  smooth on the back off my hand and felt very light weight. This was a travel size product and retails full size at £13.82. I will take this with me on my next trip as it is so compact. Finally I received  the 'Royal Apothic, lip tinties'. it is adorable and I LOVE the packaging. It is apparently a favorite with Victoria Beckham so I'm good with that. It's a very smooth consistency and has a little hint of pink pigment to add colour to my lips. This retails at £14. (Don't think I will re purchase  a lip balm that costs this much)

I am so happy with my first glossybox and will wait impatiently for the next to arrive. 
Purchase your monthly subscription here:


Sunday, 21 February 2016

Lush 'Don't look at me'

When I think of Lush products I think of that girl that turned pink. Have u seen that on facebook. she used too much or something in her bath and her skin turned pink!!haha I got this for my thirtieth and I love it already. I got it Friday and used it Saturday and today. Face masks make me very happy. I love putting them one taking them off and feeling the difference. My friends know me too well and added in a Face mask in the wonderful things they bought me.

This is my first Lush product and now I think I need to go online and buy more and more and more.......This stuff smells  SHAMAZING and feels sooooo good on the skin.

I went to the spa in the Redcastle hotel, near my hone town on Saturday afternoon and had an amazing back massage. Unlike ones I have had before. It was a different technique and I forgot to ask the lady when she was finished was it some special technique because I was so relaxed and drooling just a tad.......After I got home I thought sure now as I'm in the pamper mood I will wack on this mask. It felt kind off rough but the smell was so good it didn't bother me. It smelt just like lemons but not over powering, just so fresh.

When I worked it in to my skin I could feel the exfoliation and it felt so good. I am Having an outbreak of psoriasis at the moment and it is all over my face, so I am a bit scared to irritate it. After I took it off using a damp face cloth and warm water, my skin felt instantly good and very soft. I just Loved it. This is definitely something I would re purchase and I have only owned it three days. It feels like a facial in a tub. I used it again today and no irritation so far, so that's great!! Ladies and Gents purchase this if you are on the look out for a pamper fresh face mask.

Purchase here:


Thursday, 18 February 2016

The Wet Brush

''The wet brush''. Hate the name, love the product. I purchased the 'Wet Brush' about 1.5 years ago. I have frizzy hair that gets tangled very easy. I hate the feeling off struggling to get a comb or a brush through my hair. I saw this on Amazon one day when a friend had told me about the tangle teezer. I seen this and the name drew me in(the irony). After much review stalking, I went with the wet brush over the tangle teezer.

The wet brush not only can be used 'wet' but also dry. I thought 'great, 2 birds, one stone' and all that!!

I used to hate getting my hair done for weddings or the likes because I knew what the shower was going to be like the next day-HELL from all that back combing! Now it is not. I take it to the shower with me, put conditioner all over my hair and comb it through. Its so easy and doesn't tug. I love this thing.

I use this on my hair extensions too because it doesn't tug at them and the hair doesn't snag as easy, keeping my extensions in better condition for longer.

I have used it in my hairdressing course as well. We have to do a lot off washing hair and brushing it through and I found this to be so helpful when detangling. Its so gentle.

If you have a young child and brushing hair is a struggle. Then purchase this. It works miracles.
The brush is on the pricer side for a hair brush, ranging from 11-15 euro but its well worth it.

This is mine after 1.5 years.

Standing the test of time. 


Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Nivea Post Shave Balm as a Make-up primer????

Image result for nivea men post shave balm

Yea it sounds crazy but it works!!!!! I have not always used a primer but when I started I wondered, how did I go so long without using it?

Prepping the skin makes your make-up not only look good but last longer. I have used Sleek primers, Smashbox, NYX, Maybelline and many others. I'm always on the look out for new things and trying new things when it comes to skincare and the likes. Glycerin is the second ingredient in this product and this is hydrating and helps your make-up stick and stay in place.

When I heard of the post shave balm I thought 'yea right'. I watched videos on youtube and read  a million reviews, well maybe 10. Everyone had nothing but good things to say about it, with people from dry, combination, normal and oily skin. The one thing I noticed people were saying was to make sure you work it into the skin until it gets tacky, THEN apply your make-up.

It was on sale in my local Supervalu store one day and I think it was 4 or 5 euro, so I thought why not. If this works it will be the cheapest and largest primer I own and if not I will give it to my dad!! I purchased the sensitive one with 0% alcohol(that is always a plus). 

When I first put it on I was like this smells like a man!!! It felt really good and refreshing on the skin. I had seen a video comparing this to the Makeup Forever hydrating primer. I rubbed it in until it felt tacky and applied my make-up. The 'man' smell disappeared and my makeup looked good. I went on about my business that day and it did last very long with my make up not getting patchy. 

It is in 100ml glass container and a little goes a longgggg way, so its a winner. Try it out and let me know what you think,

This is a link to the first video I watched by NikkieTutorials:

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Affordable, everyday makeup.

This is my easy everyday makeup. Its easy, quick and affordable. I know the first thing that probably catches your eye is the 'Nivea men aftershave balm'???? I use it as a primer and will post about it at a later date. I have a youtube Vlogger called Nikkietutorials to thank for this holy-grail cheap primer. 
First off I use the 'Maybelline baby skin' around my cheeks, nose and in between my eyebrows because it helps reduce the appearance of pores. Then I put the 'Nivea aftershave balm'(a tiny bit) on my fingers and rub all over my face until it feels tacky. The second ingredient in this balm is glycerin which is hydrating and make-up sticks to it. 

Once this is tacky I use a buffing brush and apply L'oreal True Match. My shade is 2.R/2.C. I think this is the second lightest shade. This is the colour I would wear when I don't have fake tan on or in the winter when there is no sun. Next is the Maybelline age rewind concealer in 'fair'. I use this in a V shape under my eyes, down my nose and a bit on my chin. I buff this out with my same buffing brush or use a damp sponge. Then I set my undereyes with the 'Rimmel Match Perfection' powder in the shade 'transparent'. I use this all over my face too, to set my make up. Next I take a dense brush and mark out where I want to bronze. Like a 3 shape on the face, forehead to under the cheekbone to my jawbone. Then I blend it with more bronzer in the same area. The bronzer I use is 'Bahama Mama' by 'the balm'. I use the 'Sleek Makeup' blush in the shade 'Lifes a peach'. on the apple of my cheeks, just above the bronzer. Next I apply 'Mac Mineralize Skinfinish' in the shade 'soft and gentle' to highlight on the high points of my cheeks bones and in a C shape and just under my eyebrow. I also put whatever is left on my brush on the tip of my nose and my cupids bow. Next I use the 'Anastasia Brow Wiz' in the shade 'Chocolate' to fill in my eyebrows. I pop a bit of bronzer on my crease and the soft and gentle on my lid.  Just to have something on my eyes.

 I spray my face with the 'NYX Dewy Finsh' to set my makeup and give the appearance of a dewy look. I apply 'Max Factor Masterpiece' in 'Rich Black' to my eyelashes(about 10 layers lol). Lastly I just add 'NYX' in 'Thalia' to my lips. Its a nice nude pink. 
This is the finished look. 


Sunday, 14 February 2016

Morning Skincare Routine

I am kind of a lazy girl when it comes to washing my face.........OK I hate it that water gets everywhere and runs down my arms passed my elbow and into whatever top I am wearing, I HATE THAT. When I heard of Garnier Micellar Water I jumped with joy, well more like a little yelp!! I always cleansed, toned an moisturized but I never really read the ingredients. I have dry skin and only in the last year did I find out that alcohol ingredients dry out the skin.........I know I know duh Alanna. So i made an effort to find cleanser, toner and moisturizer with no alcohol. Do you know how hard this is without spending a fortune???? Yea its Freaking hard. 

Thank god I found these 3 products from Garnier that do not contain the awful thing - alcohol. I could feel my face saying ''thank you''. 

First: I use a cotton pad put some micellar water on it and use circular motions on my face and neck. Second: I use another cotton pad and do the exact same thing but with the toner. 
Third: I lash on that moisturizer as if I my life depended on it. 



My Glossybox subscription

I have been wanting to try a a subscription box now for a few months now and have been doing a bit off research
for a while. I did look up Birchbox and was excited about their products and Glossybox so then the showdown happened. I went back and forth. I trolled through youtube videos and instagram posts and I still couldn't make
a choice, so I seen that they both were around the same price and had the option of paying monthly or paying 3,6
or 12 months subscriptions. I decided I would try one for 3 months and another for the next 3months. I
happened to be on the Birchbox website at that time so i decided to sign up with them first. I filled out all
the necessary fields and when I got to the address part it didn't give the option for Southern Irish counties
just Northern Ireland. I was disappointment and kind off happy at the same time. That was it. I only had
one choice. Glossybox. I filled out all the forms online and paid with my card. I am so excited to get my first one
in the mail and I am going to blog about each of them as they come in every month and share them with
my readers.

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Mask-A-Holic Peter Thomas Roth: Updated

  • Mask-A-Holic Peter Thomas Roth

  • I received this amazing set for Christmas and I was so excited to try all of these wonderful masks. First off I have dry skin and even sometimes I get psoriasis spots on random areas of my face, so first port of call was to try the cucumber Gel Mask. I took a little of the lid with a clean foundation brush because I didn't want to contaminate the whole jar. I brushed this all over my face and instantly I could feel a wonderful cooling sensation. It even says to put it in the fridge for a while for that extra cooling sensation but I couldn't wait with the excitement. The night after I tried the pumpkin enzyme mask and it had little beads through it and I could feel it exfoliating my face. I left it on for 10 minutes and when I washed it off I could see instantly my dull dry skin seemed more radiant. Next was the Rose stem cell repair mask. Although It felt amazing straight away I would say I will have to use it many more times to see my fine lines and wrinkles disappear (wouldn't that be amazing). I will keep you updated with the other masks in due time.  This kit can be found at and retails for $75.00 ($206.00 value).

  •  Update: you can now get all 5 off these masks on beauty for €59.70. @

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