Sunday, 21 February 2016

Lush 'Don't look at me'

When I think of Lush products I think of that girl that turned pink. Have u seen that on facebook. she used too much or something in her bath and her skin turned pink!!haha I got this for my thirtieth and I love it already. I got it Friday and used it Saturday and today. Face masks make me very happy. I love putting them one taking them off and feeling the difference. My friends know me too well and added in a Face mask in the wonderful things they bought me.

This is my first Lush product and now I think I need to go online and buy more and more and more.......This stuff smells  SHAMAZING and feels sooooo good on the skin.

I went to the spa in the Redcastle hotel, near my hone town on Saturday afternoon and had an amazing back massage. Unlike ones I have had before. It was a different technique and I forgot to ask the lady when she was finished was it some special technique because I was so relaxed and drooling just a tad.......After I got home I thought sure now as I'm in the pamper mood I will wack on this mask. It felt kind off rough but the smell was so good it didn't bother me. It smelt just like lemons but not over powering, just so fresh.

When I worked it in to my skin I could feel the exfoliation and it felt so good. I am Having an outbreak of psoriasis at the moment and it is all over my face, so I am a bit scared to irritate it. After I took it off using a damp face cloth and warm water, my skin felt instantly good and very soft. I just Loved it. This is definitely something I would re purchase and I have only owned it three days. It feels like a facial in a tub. I used it again today and no irritation so far, so that's great!! Ladies and Gents purchase this if you are on the look out for a pamper fresh face mask.

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