Sunday, 14 February 2016

Morning Skincare Routine

I am kind of a lazy girl when it comes to washing my face.........OK I hate it that water gets everywhere and runs down my arms passed my elbow and into whatever top I am wearing, I HATE THAT. When I heard of Garnier Micellar Water I jumped with joy, well more like a little yelp!! I always cleansed, toned an moisturized but I never really read the ingredients. I have dry skin and only in the last year did I find out that alcohol ingredients dry out the skin.........I know I know duh Alanna. So i made an effort to find cleanser, toner and moisturizer with no alcohol. Do you know how hard this is without spending a fortune???? Yea its Freaking hard. 

Thank god I found these 3 products from Garnier that do not contain the awful thing - alcohol. I could feel my face saying ''thank you''. 

First: I use a cotton pad put some micellar water on it and use circular motions on my face and neck. Second: I use another cotton pad and do the exact same thing but with the toner. 
Third: I lash on that moisturizer as if I my life depended on it. 

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