Thursday, 18 February 2016

The Wet Brush

''The wet brush''. Hate the name, love the product. I purchased the 'Wet Brush' about 1.5 years ago. I have frizzy hair that gets tangled very easy. I hate the feeling off struggling to get a comb or a brush through my hair. I saw this on Amazon one day when a friend had told me about the tangle teezer. I seen this and the name drew me in(the irony). After much review stalking, I went with the wet brush over the tangle teezer.

The wet brush not only can be used 'wet' but also dry. I thought 'great, 2 birds, one stone' and all that!!

I used to hate getting my hair done for weddings or the likes because I knew what the shower was going to be like the next day-HELL from all that back combing! Now it is not. I take it to the shower with me, put conditioner all over my hair and comb it through. Its so easy and doesn't tug. I love this thing.

I use this on my hair extensions too because it doesn't tug at them and the hair doesn't snag as easy, keeping my extensions in better condition for longer.

I have used it in my hairdressing course as well. We have to do a lot off washing hair and brushing it through and I found this to be so helpful when detangling. Its so gentle.

If you have a young child and brushing hair is a struggle. Then purchase this. It works miracles.
The brush is on the pricer side for a hair brush, ranging from 11-15 euro but its well worth it.

This is mine after 1.5 years.

Standing the test of time. 

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