Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Pennys haul, SOSU, PS AND MORE!

So today I went shopping for a themed outfit and ended up breaking the bank in Pennys. I know this happens to us all. First off I spotted the SOSU me nail polishes and the spring colours where jumping out at me.

These shades were my favorite. From left to right. Bitter Sweet, Ocean Breeze and Ibiza Rocks. I don't have any of the SOSU me range and took a risk buying three without trying one first but these colour's are so spring/summer that I had to get them.  I immediately painted my nails when I got home and even with one coat these looked great on my nails. These are €7.70 each.

For me I hadn't tried any of the Pennys own brand beauty or makeup products. Only two of their makeup brushes and I was super impressed with their angled liner brush and blush brush. I wanted to try their matte liquid lipsticks but they didn't have any left and I had heard their makeup setting spray was good. 

I picked up two lip liners, two liquid lipsticks, two glitter singles from wet n' wild in the shades bleached and brass and concealer in the shade ivory from Rimmel. The liquid lipsticks are OK. These felt very sticky and took sometime to dry on my hand but they are very pigmented. They are only €2.50 so can I really complain? Here they are swatched.

So I new straight away when I was in the shop that the lip liner in 06 was going to be very close to a lip liner I already owned, only 10 times cheaper. Spice by MAC is a very popular lip liner and goes perfect with the lipstick Velvet teddy also by MAC. (Kylie Jenner special). I swatched these together when I got home and these literally have the exact same colour pay off. Here they are below. 

The top one is Pennys and the bottom one is MAC. The Pennys one is €1.50 and the MAC one is €17.00. This is just mental to me. They are both smooth and creamy. I have no idea on the longevity of the Pennys one but for €1.50 you can't go wrong. 

Next I stocked up on the essentials got my Garnier micellar water. Thank god I was nearly out and I love their cosmetics buds. One end is pointed and the other is round. Perfect for makeup mishaps and nail polish mishaps! These are €1. 
I did spurge on shoes and clothes but don't want to post these as they may giveaway the fun we have planned for a up and coming hen do!


Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Energy, No bake Peanut butter bites! No flour, No sugar!

These are delicious and full of energy. I have started personal training in my local gym and I am always on the look out for healthier snacks that aren't boring.  

What you will need is:

-2.5ml of porridge oats
-2 heaped tablespoons of peanut butter
-2 heaped tablespoons of honey
-100ml of flaxseeds
-Chocolate Chips(add however many you like)

Put all the ingredients in a large bowl and mix it all together until all the oats are covered. 

Put cling film over this and put it into the fridge for about 20 minutes.

Roll them between your hands and place in an airtight container and pop them in the fridge. These should last about a week if kept in the fridge. 

These are delicious if you like peanut butter. This is a great alternative to a snack like a bar of chocolate and they are packed full of energy too!

NOTE: Look for ground flax seed as there is a crunch to the whole seeds. You can do this yourself in a blender. I don't mind them so I left them whole. 


Sunday, 27 March 2016

Benefit Makeup Haul, McElhinney's Ballybofey


Yesterday was a fabulous day. I went shopping with a best friend for wedding dresses. Of course that includes going to McElhinney's in ballybofey! Which meant I had to stop in to the skincare/makeup section before we went home. They had a fab selection of things. All different price ranges. From affordable to highend. I have been meaning to grab another Benefit Hoola for quite sometime as mine had seen it's last legs.

Hoola by benefit is the perfect contour shade. No shimmer and has no orangy tones. Its great for all skin tones. This retails for €36.00 and I picked up this little pack with a free sample of their amazing primer porefessional and highlighter whats up!

Next was something I have been wanting to try for a while. Their Roller Lash mascara. This came with a free travel size again so I just had to have it. This retails at €26.00. I love the wand on this mascara. Its just like my favorite maxfactor masterpiece mascara but the wand is curved giving you extra curl in your lashes.

Benefit have a new range out in the Hawaiian theme. They always kill it with the packaging and make me want to buy EVERYTHING!) In order to get the free travel bag from benefit, I had to purchase an item from their new range which consists of a new liquid bronzer called Dew The Hoola, Fake tan called Hoola zero tanlines and a contour brush. I picked the tan because I loved that the lid came off to make an applicator for small areas like the neck. Its not permanent but also it doesn't show water marks if you spill on it. This retails at €26.00. 

Free Makeup bag

To top off a lovely 10 minutes at the benefit counter they threw in a sample of their Air patrol, eyeshadow primer and a sample of the Dew the Hoola. I may have to make a trip back up to purchase these as I know I will love them.
Free samples of dew the hoola and air patrol.


Friday, 25 March 2016

Over exfoliating your skin??

Yes it is great to exfoliate your skin. It gets rid of dead skin cells, cleans your pores and can help with acne prone skin. Exfoliating your face and body everyday can cause damage to your skin.

Here are the signs of over exfoliating:
-Tight feeling skin
-Translucent skin
-Irritated skin

It takes approximately 28 days for our skin to heal from damage. If you are exfoliating day and night you are removing too much skin from the surface, which in turn can cause premature aging. You are also stripping the natural oils from the skin that can cause dryness just like your hair. Anyone over 50 it can take double this time to heal.

Nowadays cleansers are sold with those beads for exfoliating the skin. These can be great but not for everyday use. Twice a week is plenty to be exfoliating. Its more off a treatment for the skin rather than everyday use. Try using a daily gentle cleanser on the face and body. We don't need to be scrubbing in the shower everyday with those body puffs either. Just a gentle wash is good enough daily.

I have this lovely body and face brush for exfoliating and though my skin feels amazing after use. It can be harsh on the skin if over used. Companies want you to use them daily or the product says 'ok for daily use' because they want you back buying more and more product. Being gentle on the skin is what you want for youthful glowing skin. Even when we are cleansing and toning we don't need to be tugging at the skin. Gentle circular motions are the best especially for the undereye area.

So scrap the exfoliation daily. Especially if you have sensitive skin. This could be the cause of your dryness, redness and under the skin texture.

Disclaimer: I am not a skincare professional. I am learning to be a makeup artist and a hairdresser. These are things I have picked up along the way and are my own opinions. 


Thursday, 24 March 2016

Carli Bybel Palette, Review and Swatches!


Carli Bybel is a well known beauty guru on youtube. She has over 4 million subscribers and is basically 'slaying the game' as the young ones say these days! I purchased this beautiful palette in Octocer 2015. It released in September 2015 and sold out within hours. I was on a email waiting list and got a notification as soon as it came back in stock. The palette costs $12.50 YES I said $12.50. I think this is the cheapest palette I own. BH cosmetics collaborated with Carli to make this palette and It's a cruelty free product.

The first two rows consist of 10 eyeshadows and the third row consists of 4 Highlighters.

These are the swatches row by row. 

Some of the colour's can look very very similar. They are so pigmented and creamy though and this is only $12.50 so it really doesn't matter if they are similar. The last highlighter is really dark, so it can be doubled as a shadow.  The packaging is really cute. It is cheap cardboard. The layout and design are cute and you get a mirror.  Honestly I have used this so so much. You can achieve day and nighttime looks with this palette. It's an all rounder and great for travel!

Here is an everyday look I done with this palette. 

You can purchase this palette at:


Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Makeup setting sprays

After it takes a half hour for us to apply our makeup. The last thing we want when we look in the mirror after a few hours it to see our makeup and hard work either has flaked off, is patchy or needing touched up. I love makeup setting sprays and the feel they can instantly take away that powdery look and make the skin look more natural. Really you could say they are like a hairspray for the face.

My top 4 are.

4: Caudalie Beauty Elixir

This is more of a refreshing spray for your skin but can be doubled as a make up setting spray. The only draw back to this is if you are sensitive to strong odors this has a strong smell initially but it does fade. It feels soft on the skin and leaves a lovely glow to the skin. This is €26 for 3 30ml bottles. 

3: Urban Decay Chill makeup setting spray.
Urban decay have a number of setting sprays on the market. This is €28 for 118ml so is on the pricey side. They have different types for different skin type needs. First is the de slick setting spray. This is aimed for people who have oily skin or even and oily T zone. This helps fight shine and the oil at bay throughout the day. Second is the chill which I have. This is aimed for dry or dehydrated skin for that extra moisture boost and to keep the skin feeling chill and not as tight. Third is the All nighter spray. I think this is the most popular in their range. Aimed to simply keep your makeup in place all night. 

Image result for nyx finishing spray
2: NYX Dewy finish

I love this stuff for everyday. This adds a lovely subtle glowing youthful look to the skin. It sits on the skin and helps my makeup last that little bit longer than it would without it. This retails from €11-14 and has 60ml in the bottle.
1: Mac Fix +

This is an all rounder. This can be used to prep the skin for makeup or after to set it. It leaves a lovely glowing finish to the skin. This for me is the best. It has a lovely fresh cucumber scent and can be used to help bring out the pigments in eyeshadows. This is €21.00 for 100ml bottle. 


Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Colour correcting! Is it really necessary?

Is all this really necessary? The answer I think is yes and no!! If you have normal enough skin and you have slight redness around your nose and chin, then foundation should be enough to cover it. If you have slight darkness under your eyes, then regular concealer should be enough to cover that. If however you suffer from skin problems like rosacea or very harsh dark circles then colour correcting can really help even out the skin tone and create a beautiful base for your make up. 

I remember years ago hearing that people used to put red lipstick under their eyes to cancel out the purple tones under their eyes. Actually people probably still do. This is ok if  your skin is off a darker tone. If you have very pale skin with very dark circles you should opt for a more peachy tone concealer. Here is an example of colour's that compliment each other. 

Personally I think this is pretty gimicky of makeup companies to sell more product. Its definitely necessary if you are a makeup artist and have all different skin types to work with or if you have skin problems. Right now i'm pretty fond of the green concealer for the psoriasis on my face but that's alot of redness.  I like adding the NYX purple CC cream to my foundation sometimes to add a bit of brightness to my skin when it feels dull. Moral of the story. You don't need to be buying colour corrector's unless necessary. 


Sunday, 20 March 2016

Laura Mercier, Secret Brightening powder

This powder has been about now for a long time. I kept seeing it crop up in videos on youtube. Its said to be a transparent, weightless powder to set undereye concealer, brighten dark circles, and diminish signs of visible fine lines. 

This power is extremely finely milled. Its surprisingly very soft and velvety for a powder. When I first got this product I was very disappointed. It looked and felt great on the skin in the mirror but in photos there was a white flashback.

This is only 0.14oz and is $25. I left it in my drawer and forgot about the stuff as it left a flashback. I spotted it over the weekend and thought I would give it another try. I read a few other reviews on it and I seen people also where disappointed but I seen one girl said you have to swirl your brush in the lid to evenly distribute the powder on the brush and gently brush the powder on you face. This was great. Less it definitely more with this product!! I wouldn't say I would use this all over the face. Just really under my eyes or the center of my face. All in all this isn't a must have product. The Laura Mercier translucent powder would probably be a better option because you could use this all over the face.


Friday, 18 March 2016

Cocoa Brown, Golden Goddess Oil by Marissa Carter

I ordered this from along with a few other things because I am an online shoppping addict. No seriously, I keep seeing this everywhere and seeing the beautiful posts on IG and to be honest I thought this looked amazing. Even the Kardashian's makeup artist loves this so it must be good, right??

This is an Irish made product and it's only €11.95 which I think is a steal. I for see this bottle lasting a good long time.

This glides on the skin and it dries so quickly. I put this on my arm to test it and I don't have any tan on and look how well it blends into the skin. No orange tinge! YAY! I used a Real techniques Duo Fiber brush to blend it into the skin. This could be my go to quick glow, although I feel like this will go just as well with the Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan. This product is aimed to highlight areas you want the extra 'glow'. Like the shoulders, collarbones, your legs and cheeks. 

I put this just above my brows, high points of the cheeks and a wee tiny bit on my nose. I used a sponge to dab it on the skin and I set it with a powder highlighter. 

I love the glow this gives and I love how quick this dries. It smells like a tan product but not in a bad way. I don't think it has the burnt biscuit smell, more graceful than that! This will definitely be a must for the summer months. That is of course, if we get a summer here in Ireland!!


Wednesday, 16 March 2016

March Glossybox

Yay my March Glossybox came!! I was so over excited for this months glossy box because they had gave us a sneak peak of the Luxie brush on snapchat and twitter and they used the word 'glow'. I'm a bit of a highlighter junkie so I was very excited to see what was in the box. 
First off was the luxie face brush 504. I knew this was coming and when I found out this was coming I went straight to the Luxie website. This is the Rose gold large angled face brush and retails at £10.42. The Glossybox is paid for with this brush alone.  I loved all their products and was tempted to make a purchase but I figured I would wait until I tested this one first. It says this brush is great for contouring as the angled brush fits into the curves of your face. So glad I have this to add to my collection.

I knew when they used the word 'glow' we were going to get some sort of highlighter and we got the Collection Speedy highlighter. It came as the full size product so it was great.  It costs £3.99. This product is creamy and I love this colour. Great for most skin colours. Here it is swatched. 

Next was a travel size shampoo and conditioner from the brand 417. I have never heard of this brand to be honest. It says that they are a combination of dead sea minerals, energising vitamins and essentials oils. It is supposed to hydrate your hair and add shine. These cost £16.89 each which seems crazy expensive. They would need to be unbelievable for me to purchase these again.  

 Olay is a great affordable brand and I was glad to see a product from them. The Olay regenerist Luminous skin tone perfecting cream was a travel size item again and is supposed to perfect your skin tone and even out discoloration and dark spots. I liked the feel of this product on my skin. I will use it more before I would decide to purchase this full size. This retails at £29.99.

Hey Honey, good morning travel size. Is a facial serum infused with honey and propolis(two of natures most potent antiseptic and antibacterial ingredients made by bees). This serum feels very light and doesn't feel greasy on the skin. It can be worn by itself, or under your day or night cream. Also this can be used under your foundation for a smooth and glossy appearance. This is £28.81 full size. I like this and have only used it twice. I may be purchasing this again!

Good Job Glossybox. I really enjoyed these products!!


Monday, 14 March 2016

Narsissist studio cheek palette

When I recently made a trip to the states I had to buy from sephora. I knew I wasn't going to actually get to the store so I did it online and got my friend to give it to me when we met(thanks Ailish)! I really wanted to claim my birthday present from them. Which was a Marc Jacobs Kohl liner and a Lipstick. This eyeliner is amazing and smooth and lasts long in the water line. 

The top row is a highlighter which isn't a shimmery highlighter and a contour shade named Paloma. You can buy this duo separate. Next is Nars bronzer, Laguna. This can also be bought separate and provides a beautiful glow to the skin without being orangy. These shades are beautiful and they swatch beautifully on the skin.

The blushers are from left to right, I,II,III and Goulue. I think it is weird that they called the first three shades simply I,II,III come on Nars, you can do better than that. The first shade is very barbie doll pink and is matte. I don't  know how much wear I will get out of that. The second is super sparkly in the palette but swatches nicer. The third shade is my favorite. Just the right amount of shimmer and I love the peachy tone. The last is a beautiful Mauve and this shade, Goulue is a Sphora Rouge VIB exclusive.

While I was shopping on I had to purchase the staple blusher that I have heard about for years and I finally bit the bullet. Nars Orgasm and boy am am I glad I bought it. It's a beautiful peachy pink with a gold shimmer and highly pigmented (yeep a light hand does the trick here.) I got 2 free samples with my order and decided on the Estee Lauder eye cream and the Murad Hydro Dynamic quenching essence.

This palette is $65.00 at
Nars single blush is $30.00 at
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