Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Colour correcting! Is it really necessary?

Is all this really necessary? The answer I think is yes and no!! If you have normal enough skin and you have slight redness around your nose and chin, then foundation should be enough to cover it. If you have slight darkness under your eyes, then regular concealer should be enough to cover that. If however you suffer from skin problems like rosacea or very harsh dark circles then colour correcting can really help even out the skin tone and create a beautiful base for your make up. 

I remember years ago hearing that people used to put red lipstick under their eyes to cancel out the purple tones under their eyes. Actually people probably still do. This is ok if  your skin is off a darker tone. If you have very pale skin with very dark circles you should opt for a more peachy tone concealer. Here is an example of colour's that compliment each other. 

Personally I think this is pretty gimicky of makeup companies to sell more product. Its definitely necessary if you are a makeup artist and have all different skin types to work with or if you have skin problems. Right now i'm pretty fond of the green concealer for the psoriasis on my face but that's alot of redness.  I like adding the NYX purple CC cream to my foundation sometimes to add a bit of brightness to my skin when it feels dull. Moral of the story. You don't need to be buying colour corrector's unless necessary. 

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