Sunday, 13 March 2016

Deep Cleaning your makeup brushes with a hot water bottle?

Nowadays it seems like we need 101 make-up brushes for every different product. Meaning more cleaning. I remember the days when I used to clean my foundation brush every now and then. Its actually disgusting to think about it. The amount of bacteria that grows on these things....YUCK! I have managed to build up quite a few at this stage so when I am washing one set I have another. I know this isn't realistic so try picking a day you know you wont need them and give them a good wash once a week especially if you are wearing make-up on a daily basis.

What you will need:
1. Baby shampoo and or Olive oil
2. LUKEWARM water. 
3. A bowl.
4. Paper towel/Clean dish towel.

Optional: A brush cleansing mat/hot water bottle. 

First off run your water until it is lukewarm. If the water is too warm it will breakdown the glue inside the brush that keeps the bristles intact. Put baby shampoo in the bowl. Baby shampoo is nice and gentle on your brushes. You can add olive oil to the bowl as well this will keep our bristles soft but it isn't necessary and does require you to make sure you spend a little longer rinsing them. Next swirl your brush in the water and then swirl the brush in the palm of your hand until you think its clean. Rinse your brush until the water is clear, dry the excess water and set it on a paper towel/dish towel to dry. Don't use extra heat like a hair dryer to dry them as this will effect the glue also. 

An alternative to the back of your hand is to purchase a brush cleansing mat. These can run expensive but the grooves really help to get deep in the bristles for a deep clean. A cheap alternative to this is to use a hot water bottle. They usually have some sort of grooved design and this just keeps from having your hands wet the entire time. Another alternative is to use a rubber oven glove that also has the grooves.

I recently purchased the Real techniques brush cleansing mat at for €16.50.

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