Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Face wipes drying out your skin!!

When you tell any beautician or any skincare specialists you use face wipes to cleanse or remove your make up they cringe just a little. Most face wipes although super handy can really dry out your skin. Most of them contain Alcohol.

I notice when I use them my skin feels tight and dry, I really do try not to use them but sometimes its either unavoidable or you are just too lazy to do anything else.  They are so handy for travel so I usually pack them and only use them if necessary. I will still pack my skincare products with the best intentions of using them.  I have tried many kinds and I find the Neutrogena alcohol free wipes the best. These feel soft and hydrating on the skin. These are found in boots for €6.99. 

Simple cleansing wipes are a very close second as they don't contain alcohol either. These just don't feel as hydrating as the neutrogena ones for me. These are cheaper at €4.49 also found in boots, pennys, local supermarkets and drugstores.

 Another great alternative is to purchase the Water wipes that are for babies. Water wipes are 99.9% water. These for me just don't cut it for removing eye make-up/mascara but they are gentle and better than most other brands. These are cheaper also at €2.99.

I tried the boots own brand for sensitive skin and these dry out in the pack way to quick, which is just a waste of money.
If you are using facial wipes all the time they will dry out the skin. Try and use a good cleanser and toner. Cleansing opens the pores and toning helps refine them again. I wish I had have known all this when I was younger and maybe I would have taken better care of my skin. Oh well as they say 'better late than never'. 

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