Friday, 11 March 2016

Lets talk highlighting, 'Strobing'

'Strobing' I think is the hip n happenin' word in the beauty world. Essentially just highlighting. It's definitely a phase that is sticking. Everyone and their mother want the 'glowing' look. I feel like it is a very forgiving look for all ages and its fresh! There are 101 ways to achieve this look. Desi Perkins shows exactly how to 'strobe' @

My favorite is to use powder highlighters. On a night out you can go mental and use a cream highlighter and set it with a powder one. You want to attack the face with it where the light hits the face naturally.
1: Make a C shape from your brow bone to your cheekbone.
2:Dot some on the bridge of the nose and cupids bow.
3:Add some just above the eyebrow for the serious 'glow'.
4.Use some the inner corners of the eyes.

In my opinion there are 3 must have highlighters. Macs 'Soft&Gentle', Becca's 'Champgane pop' and the cult favorite 'Mary Lou Manizer' by TheBalm and rightly so this stuff is bomb. It's so buttery and highly pigmented and I think it's one of the best universal highlighters for all skin tones. Its a Beautiful gold highlight. There are pinky tones in the soft and gentle and more champagne tones the the champagne pop.

First: 'mac soft&gentle', Second: 'MaryLou Manizer', Third: 'Becca Champagne pop'.
Becca's 'Champagne pop' retails at £30.00 at

TheBalms 'Mary Lou Manizer' retails at €21.50 at

Mac's 'Soft&Gentle retails at €31.00 at


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