Monday, 14 March 2016

Narsissist studio cheek palette

When I recently made a trip to the states I had to buy from sephora. I knew I wasn't going to actually get to the store so I did it online and got my friend to give it to me when we met(thanks Ailish)! I really wanted to claim my birthday present from them. Which was a Marc Jacobs Kohl liner and a Lipstick. This eyeliner is amazing and smooth and lasts long in the water line. 

The top row is a highlighter which isn't a shimmery highlighter and a contour shade named Paloma. You can buy this duo separate. Next is Nars bronzer, Laguna. This can also be bought separate and provides a beautiful glow to the skin without being orangy. These shades are beautiful and they swatch beautifully on the skin.

The blushers are from left to right, I,II,III and Goulue. I think it is weird that they called the first three shades simply I,II,III come on Nars, you can do better than that. The first shade is very barbie doll pink and is matte. I don't  know how much wear I will get out of that. The second is super sparkly in the palette but swatches nicer. The third shade is my favorite. Just the right amount of shimmer and I love the peachy tone. The last is a beautiful Mauve and this shade, Goulue is a Sphora Rouge VIB exclusive.

While I was shopping on I had to purchase the staple blusher that I have heard about for years and I finally bit the bullet. Nars Orgasm and boy am am I glad I bought it. It's a beautiful peachy pink with a gold shimmer and highly pigmented (yeep a light hand does the trick here.) I got 2 free samples with my order and decided on the Estee Lauder eye cream and the Murad Hydro Dynamic quenching essence.

This palette is $65.00 at
Nars single blush is $30.00 at
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