Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Pennys haul, SOSU, PS AND MORE!

So today I went shopping for a themed outfit and ended up breaking the bank in Pennys. I know this happens to us all. First off I spotted the SOSU me nail polishes and the spring colours where jumping out at me.

These shades were my favorite. From left to right. Bitter Sweet, Ocean Breeze and Ibiza Rocks. I don't have any of the SOSU me range and took a risk buying three without trying one first but these colour's are so spring/summer that I had to get them.  I immediately painted my nails when I got home and even with one coat these looked great on my nails. These are €7.70 each.

For me I hadn't tried any of the Pennys own brand beauty or makeup products. Only two of their makeup brushes and I was super impressed with their angled liner brush and blush brush. I wanted to try their matte liquid lipsticks but they didn't have any left and I had heard their makeup setting spray was good. 

I picked up two lip liners, two liquid lipsticks, two glitter singles from wet n' wild in the shades bleached and brass and concealer in the shade ivory from Rimmel. The liquid lipsticks are OK. These felt very sticky and took sometime to dry on my hand but they are very pigmented. They are only €2.50 so can I really complain? Here they are swatched.

So I new straight away when I was in the shop that the lip liner in 06 was going to be very close to a lip liner I already owned, only 10 times cheaper. Spice by MAC is a very popular lip liner and goes perfect with the lipstick Velvet teddy also by MAC. (Kylie Jenner special). I swatched these together when I got home and these literally have the exact same colour pay off. Here they are below. 

The top one is Pennys and the bottom one is MAC. The Pennys one is €1.50 and the MAC one is €17.00. This is just mental to me. They are both smooth and creamy. I have no idea on the longevity of the Pennys one but for €1.50 you can't go wrong. 

Next I stocked up on the essentials got my Garnier micellar water. Thank god I was nearly out and I love their cosmetics buds. One end is pointed and the other is round. Perfect for makeup mishaps and nail polish mishaps! These are €1. 
I did spurge on shoes and clothes but don't want to post these as they may giveaway the fun we have planned for a up and coming hen do!

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