Friday, 29 April 2016

Urban Decay, Naked skin one and done.

This stuff is your next tinted moisturiser. If you are planning on getting one for your holidays then go now and buy it. I have always disliked tinted moisturiser. Lets just say I have probably tried or tested them all and I hated they way they felt on my skin. Some sting my eyes and some just rub off, even if powdered. This claims to be a 'Hybrid, Complexion perfecting cream' and boy is it! I love the Hybrid bit!! I love this stuff. Its non greasy like other tinted moisturisers. 

This not only has a tint but it says that over time it is supposed to refine the look of pores on the skin and help firm it. It has SPF20, is paraben free and has a pump for hygiene, score!

Here it is swatched on my hand. You can see it does blur the skin. I got the shade light medium.

I don't wear makeup everyday even though I own alot of it but somedays I am just not feeling it and want to give my skin a break. I do feel bare and I often get asked if I am either tired or sick? lol Nope just pale and freckley over here!! This feels so moisturising on the skin and lightweight and is great for those 'no makeupdays'.

This is €32 and I bought this here

Wednesday, 27 April 2016


I feel sometimes that extra steps in makeup can be a bit gimicky. However, I have noticed a good base for any makeup can make the world of a difference. I know that concealer can essentially do the same job as an eyeshadow primer but I had the Urban decay primer potion and loved it and I just wanted to try the Too Faced shadow insurance.

First off lets talk about the packaging. Too Faced packaging is always cute. What I like about this the most, is that it doesn't have a wand making it more sanitary than the urban decay one.

Well some people will ask 'does this really work?'  and in a nutshell it does. This keeps your eyeshadow in place all night/day and helps it from creasing. This claims to last for 24 hours. I have not tested this and I won't be either. They best way I think to apply this, is with your finger, placing it from the eyelid right up to your browbone. The most important step for me, is setting this with a nude eyeshadow or a translucent powder. This will help you blend your eyeshadows and create a lovely blank canvas for them. 


Friday, 22 April 2016

Perfect Pair.

The perfect pair?? Well for me that is. I love the Makeup Forever Ultra HD foundation and I love the Blank Canvas F20. So why did it take me so long to get to put them together. 

I picked up this foundation at Sephora and I got coloured matched and all. I am in the shade Y335. I had heard so much hype about this foundation and how it was supposed to look great in photos. I took it home and tested it right away. I had seen many bloggers and vloggers say that using this with a beauty blender was a perfect combo. 

Coming from my Mac studio fix I knew this wasn't going to have as much coverage but it said it was buildable so I was happy enough. I felt like I really had to apply alot of product to get the desired look and was slightly underwhelmed. Thinking that I was going to have this product used up in no time and at $43 a bottle, I didn't think it was worth it. 

I knew I loved the F20 for foundation and I put these too together and I loved this combo. This makes the foundation look so skin like but it covers redness and doesn't settle in fine lines. You can still see my freckles but it makes my skin look so healthy. I even had people comment on my skin when wearing this and I was having trouble with Psoriasis on my face at the time.

Here are 2 pictures I took. The first is in natural light and the second is in direct sunlight.  

As you can see you can still see my freckles but in a good way. It's great for photography and looks skin like. Great for brides and people who don't want the cakey makeup look. 

If you are on the hunt for this type of finish then these too things are your next purchase. 


Wednesday, 20 April 2016

April Glossybox 2016

So it's near the end of April and I am only getting around to this post now! I have been extra busy with exams and being a Mammy. I always get excited when my glossybox comes in the mail. I love the wee treat.

First thing that jumped out at me was the Swiss Smile whitening toothpaste. At first I thought it was a hand lotion because of the packaging. This is a full size product and retails at  £28.95 for 75ml. Yes this is one heck of a price for tooth paste. It says ' The whitening formula works to brighten your teeth, without any danger or damage'. Hmmm, I know already, I will not be spending £28.95 for a toothpaste again so this product will just be sitting at my sink until its nicely used up!

Next we have the Studio 10 brow lift perfecting liner. This seems like a great wee product but for me personally, I like my brow pencils to have a spooly on the end of it. It does have a great universal shade and as you can tell from the swatches in the picture. It goes on nice and smooth and feels creamy. The other end had a highlighting end which can help define the eyebrow. I usually just use concealer for this but it seems handy to have a 2 in 1. This is also a full size product and retails at £22. Pretty exspensive for a eyebrow pencil.

I have been wanting to try this product so bad and this is what I was most excited about in the box. Right now I have enough facial oils in my life so I was holding out on purchasing this. This is The Body Shop Oils of Life facial oil. This is a sample size and the full size is £28.  I love the smell off this. It smells similar to my Khiels nightime repair oil. Which I love. It feels light weight on the skin and absorbs quickly. I LOVE IT already!

Hmm so what can I say. Not to impressed with this. Essence is a very affordable brand and they have amazing products. This retails at £3 and I received a full size product. To be honest this is just a bronzed face powder and isn't that pigmented. I think this could be a very subtle highlighter maybe.

This is the Bandi Hydro Care Intensive Moisturising Cream. This retails at £9.70 and you get 30ml. This is very affordable. Feels very soft on the skin. It gets quite tacky so I think this will be an amazing primer for the skin for makeup application. It smells just ok but feels great on the skin. 

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Anastasia of Beverly Hills Glow Kit, in the shade Gleam

This highlighting kit is fabulous. Its super glowy and great on paler skin tones, aswell as darker skin tones. I think whats great about this kit is the price point. You get 4 highlighters at 7.4g's each for €47.90/$40.

From left to right you have Hard Candy, Mimosa, Starburst and Crushed Pearl. The colours are super pigmented and the formula is super buttery. You can mix these shades together to create all unique shades of highlighters.

First lets talk about Hard Candy. Definitely the pinkest shade in the bunch. This is sooo pretty and if you like glowing/shimmery blushes this can be doubled up to create a lovely flushed glow to the cheeks.

Second we have Mimosa. I love mimosa's so I love this. This shade is very like Becca's Champagne Pop by Jaclyn Hill, which is a cult favorite with beauty bloggers and vloggers. It has a lovely champagne, gold glow and will be fab for the summer months.

Third we have Starburst. This looks really pink in the pan but comes up a lovely white pink shade on the skin to give that popping glow on the skin.

Fourth is Crushed Pearl. This is definitely the most white shade off all and has that full on glam look when applied to the skin. Great for nights out for that added pop of highlight to the cheeks and anywhere else you want to glow.

This is great for any makeup artist to have in their kit and is easy to carry because it is compact. If you are a highlighter junkie like me then you will love this too.

I purchased mine on

If you are in the states you can purchase this at

Or at


Friday, 15 April 2016

Cut out sugar in your coffee and a healthier alternative to coffee creamer.

I am really trying to make healthier choices. I love coffee but I also like sweet coffee. I know I should cut the stuff from my diet altogether. Here is the thing. I don't want to! I love going for coffee. I love the taste and well I just love coffee. I was on the look out for a healthier version of my vanilla latte's and my instant coffee at home with 2 sugars. I had used alot of almond milk for my son as he was eating way too much dairy and he loved it. It has a natural sweeter taste than regular milk. So I gave it a go and well it does the trick. I'm not saying its the exact same but its better than regular milk on its own. Sweeter!

It is also great with tea. I figured out a Soya latte in baristas are great too. I feel like I don't need that pump of vanilla now for my sweet fix! You can grab soya vanilla milk and almond milk in your local supermarkets for €2+. I got these in my Local Supervalu Carndonagh.

Always shake the cartons before use. The handiest thing off all is that these can be stored in your cupboard until you open them, then they need to be in the fridge. It can't hurt to try and its a healthier choice for that sweeter taste.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Blush Boutique, Carndonagh. Clothing and Jewlery

Blush Boutique is a beautiful clothing store located in Carndonagh, Co. Donegal. They have really beautiful dresses for weddings and my favorite thing of all. The Vero Moda Jeggings. I have 2 pairs of these in black and I wanted more because they are so cosy. They fit nice on the waist and don't sag on the leg. These are so comparable to the Molly jegging from River Island and cheaper at €29.95. The molly jegging is €50- €55. When I was in I did manage to grab a few extra pieces aswell. Sure why not, after all I did have a voucher.

First off I got these leather look jeggings by Vero Moda. And this brown swede top, which I think will be lovely for the summer. The leather look jeans were €39.95 and the top was €30.00.

I have seen so many people with these necklaces with 2 coins by Iconic and thought they were beautiful. I was super happy that Blush had them. I picked up the iconic one in silver for €45.00.

I got these lighter denim jeggings for the summer and a nice casual top both from Vero Moda. Jeggings were  €29.95 and the top was €20.00.

Take a peak inside the store for beautiful clothing. It's located on Bridge street, Carndonagh.


Sunday, 10 April 2016

My 5 Must have Blank Canvas brushes.

Its hard to know what brush is for what these days but sometimes having the right brush for the right product can make a world of a difference. Blank Canvas cosmetics have a great range of brushes and the quality of these brushes are amazing. The bristles are so soft on the face and there is hardly any shedding of the bristles when using or washing the brushes.

Blank Canvas was founded in 2011 and is a Irish company. They have achieved great success with the Pippa palette, the Master One palette and the F20 face brush to name a few! Here is a run down of my favorite 5 and believe me this was hard to choose. In no particular order.

1. F15 Small Tapered red bristles.  €14.99
From the website:
Purpose: For face and cheeks
Ideal for: Sculpting, contouring, blending and highlighting the face. Its’ tapered tip helps apply product with precision. Shade or highlight your cheeks to a seamless finish. Best used with powder products. 
Details: Made from high grade natural goat hair.
Available in black or red top hair.

I love to use this brush to set my under eye concealer. It fits perfectly under there with its pointed tip. The cool red bristles are eye catching too!

2. F25 Large Powder/bronzer brush. €13.99
From the website:
Purpose: Multi-Purpose For face, neck and body
Ideal for: Application of powder/bronzer to larger areas 
Details: Made from super-soft synthetic fibres 
Can be used with liquid/cream or powder products
Tip: Use a buffing or pressing motion  (instead of swirling motion )product onto the face and body for a more lasting and even finish. 

I love to use this exactly as it says. It's so soft and gets bronzing done fast!

3. E25 Round top blending brush €7.99
From the website:
Purpose: For Eyes. (Some use it for concealer too!)
Ideal for: Eyeshadow application and blending. Great for blending along the crease line for a seamless finish. Use with cream or powder products. 
Details: Made from soft high grade natural goat hair.

This is great for transition shades and blending in the crease. no harsh eyeshadow lines with this badboy!

4. F17 Camouflage Brush €6.99
From the website: 
Purpose: For Face. 
Ideal for: Conceal any blemish or imperfection with the F17. Can be used to blend liquid and cream products. Its’ pointed tip is perfect for camouflaging any area of the face. 
Details: Made from Synthetic Bristles

I also like to use this brush with creamy eyeshadows and using it for loose pigments. 

5. F20 Flat buffer brush in hot pink! €14.99
From the website:
The F20 Flat Brush is made of short, dense synthetic fibres ideal for liquid, cream or powder products.

This new unique style of brush was specifically designed with perfection in mind. We are always in search of a flawless finish to our makeup and now the F20 could be just the key to what we need. Stipple or buff your foundation onto your face with this super soft brush and notice the difference to your application. 
Artist Tip: Apply make up with a gentle hand and notice how seamless it turns out! 

This thing does what it says! It's one of my favorite ways to apply foundation to the face for a flawless finish. I love the colour too and you can get in black aswell!

Let me know in the comments below what your favorite makeup brushes are?

You can purchase the blankcanvas brushes here :

Saturday, 9 April 2016

L'oreal Extraordinary Clay Range

I purchased a shampoo and conditioner from this new range from L'oreal. They are silicone free and have 3 refined clay's. This range claims to re balance your hair.  I used to be able to go longer without having to wash my hair but it seems it gets greasier quicker but my ends still remain dry. Alot of that has to do with bleach and colour build up.

First lets talk about the shampoo. I purchased the anti dandruff option as my scalp is flaking with the psoriasis. There is a normal shampoo option aswell. This felt like a good consistency in my hands. Not to thick and not too runny and it lathered super well in my hair. My hair felt really clean after one shampoo. I always try to shampoo my hair twice as the first shampoo is to get rid of product build up and the second is really to clean the hair. This rinsed out really well.

Next I conditioned my hair. I worked this in to the mid lengths and ends. There was no anti-dandruff option for the conditioner. This immediately detangled my hair. I was pleasantly surprised. I loved the consistency too. 

After a couple off days my hair didn't feel as weighed down as it would with a normal shampoo for dry hair like I normally purchase. I definitively got another day without having to use dry shampoo. 

The packaging is a lovely turquoise blue and really stands out. Its sturdy and you get quite alot of product for your money. 

There was a clay mask in this range. I didn't purchase this yet as I do make my own hair mask see here:( and wanted to see if the shampoo and conditioner worked first. 

This is what the mask looks like.
The mask claims to purify roots and hydrate the ends before you shampoo and condition. 
There also is a dry shampoo in this range. I have enough dry shampoo to last a while so I didn't purchase this either. 

My hair felt super soft. 
My ends were hydrated.
I got longer in between shampoos. 

All in all this range did do what it says and I will be repurchasing this range again. 

This range costs between €2.60 AND €6.99


Monday, 4 April 2016

DIY hair mask, No harsh chemicals.

We all have been there. Over styled. Blow drys and bleach can all damage our hair. All you need are two simple ingredients for this amazing hair mask. Coconut oil and Argan Oil. Both of  these oils are hydrating. They have healing properties and can be widely used. They are natural and organic. Some hair masks have harsh chemicals and strip the hair of natural oils.

First place two heaped tablespoons of coconut oil in a microwave safe bowl. Heat for 30 seconds in the microwave. Then add 3-4 drops of the argan oil to the mixture and stir until the mixture is blended.

Just simply apply this mixture all over dry hair. If you have fine oily hair just apply this to your ends. If you have thick, damaged or bleached hair you can go ahead and apply this all over your hair from root to tip. If you suffer from dry scalp. Use what is left over and massage this to your scalp and double this up as a scalp treatment.
make sure the hair is saturated.

This mixture is greasy and for best results put on a shower cap and leave it in all night so you don't get it all over over pillow. If you cant leave it in all night then minimum an hour and you will still see results.

Shampoo and condition your hair as normal to get rid of the mask. Shampoo twice as the oil may be hard to get rid off.

If you have any left over use as a body moisturizer or a hand and nail treatment.

Enjoy and let me know how your hair felt after this treatment!
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