Friday, 15 April 2016

Cut out sugar in your coffee and a healthier alternative to coffee creamer.

I am really trying to make healthier choices. I love coffee but I also like sweet coffee. I know I should cut the stuff from my diet altogether. Here is the thing. I don't want to! I love going for coffee. I love the taste and well I just love coffee. I was on the look out for a healthier version of my vanilla latte's and my instant coffee at home with 2 sugars. I had used alot of almond milk for my son as he was eating way too much dairy and he loved it. It has a natural sweeter taste than regular milk. So I gave it a go and well it does the trick. I'm not saying its the exact same but its better than regular milk on its own. Sweeter!

It is also great with tea. I figured out a Soya latte in baristas are great too. I feel like I don't need that pump of vanilla now for my sweet fix! You can grab soya vanilla milk and almond milk in your local supermarkets for €2+. I got these in my Local Supervalu Carndonagh.

Always shake the cartons before use. The handiest thing off all is that these can be stored in your cupboard until you open them, then they need to be in the fridge. It can't hurt to try and its a healthier choice for that sweeter taste.
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