Saturday, 9 April 2016

L'oreal Extraordinary Clay Range

I purchased a shampoo and conditioner from this new range from L'oreal. They are silicone free and have 3 refined clay's. This range claims to re balance your hair.  I used to be able to go longer without having to wash my hair but it seems it gets greasier quicker but my ends still remain dry. Alot of that has to do with bleach and colour build up.

First lets talk about the shampoo. I purchased the anti dandruff option as my scalp is flaking with the psoriasis. There is a normal shampoo option aswell. This felt like a good consistency in my hands. Not to thick and not too runny and it lathered super well in my hair. My hair felt really clean after one shampoo. I always try to shampoo my hair twice as the first shampoo is to get rid of product build up and the second is really to clean the hair. This rinsed out really well.

Next I conditioned my hair. I worked this in to the mid lengths and ends. There was no anti-dandruff option for the conditioner. This immediately detangled my hair. I was pleasantly surprised. I loved the consistency too. 

After a couple off days my hair didn't feel as weighed down as it would with a normal shampoo for dry hair like I normally purchase. I definitively got another day without having to use dry shampoo. 

The packaging is a lovely turquoise blue and really stands out. Its sturdy and you get quite alot of product for your money. 

There was a clay mask in this range. I didn't purchase this yet as I do make my own hair mask see here:( and wanted to see if the shampoo and conditioner worked first. 

This is what the mask looks like.
The mask claims to purify roots and hydrate the ends before you shampoo and condition. 
There also is a dry shampoo in this range. I have enough dry shampoo to last a while so I didn't purchase this either. 

My hair felt super soft. 
My ends were hydrated.
I got longer in between shampoos. 

All in all this range did do what it says and I will be repurchasing this range again. 

This range costs between €2.60 AND €6.99

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