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My 5 Must have Blank Canvas brushes.

Its hard to know what brush is for what these days but sometimes having the right brush for the right product can make a world of a difference. Blank Canvas cosmetics have a great range of brushes and the quality of these brushes are amazing. The bristles are so soft on the face and there is hardly any shedding of the bristles when using or washing the brushes.

Blank Canvas was founded in 2011 and is a Irish company. They have achieved great success with the Pippa palette, the Master One palette and the F20 face brush to name a few! Here is a run down of my favorite 5 and believe me this was hard to choose. In no particular order.

1. F15 Small Tapered red bristles.  €14.99
From the website:
Purpose: For face and cheeks
Ideal for: Sculpting, contouring, blending and highlighting the face. Its’ tapered tip helps apply product with precision. Shade or highlight your cheeks to a seamless finish. Best used with powder products. 
Details: Made from high grade natural goat hair.
Available in black or red top hair.

I love to use this brush to set my under eye concealer. It fits perfectly under there with its pointed tip. The cool red bristles are eye catching too!

2. F25 Large Powder/bronzer brush. €13.99
From the website:
Purpose: Multi-Purpose For face, neck and body
Ideal for: Application of powder/bronzer to larger areas 
Details: Made from super-soft synthetic fibres 
Can be used with liquid/cream or powder products
Tip: Use a buffing or pressing motion  (instead of swirling motion )product onto the face and body for a more lasting and even finish. 

I love to use this exactly as it says. It's so soft and gets bronzing done fast!

3. E25 Round top blending brush €7.99
From the website:
Purpose: For Eyes. (Some use it for concealer too!)
Ideal for: Eyeshadow application and blending. Great for blending along the crease line for a seamless finish. Use with cream or powder products. 
Details: Made from soft high grade natural goat hair.

This is great for transition shades and blending in the crease. no harsh eyeshadow lines with this badboy!

4. F17 Camouflage Brush €6.99
From the website: 
Purpose: For Face. 
Ideal for: Conceal any blemish or imperfection with the F17. Can be used to blend liquid and cream products. Its’ pointed tip is perfect for camouflaging any area of the face. 
Details: Made from Synthetic Bristles

I also like to use this brush with creamy eyeshadows and using it for loose pigments. 

5. F20 Flat buffer brush in hot pink! €14.99
From the website:
The F20 Flat Brush is made of short, dense synthetic fibres ideal for liquid, cream or powder products.

This new unique style of brush was specifically designed with perfection in mind. We are always in search of a flawless finish to our makeup and now the F20 could be just the key to what we need. Stipple or buff your foundation onto your face with this super soft brush and notice the difference to your application. 
Artist Tip: Apply make up with a gentle hand and notice how seamless it turns out! 

This thing does what it says! It's one of my favorite ways to apply foundation to the face for a flawless finish. I love the colour too and you can get in black aswell!

Let me know in the comments below what your favorite makeup brushes are?

You can purchase the blankcanvas brushes here :
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