Wednesday, 27 April 2016


I feel sometimes that extra steps in makeup can be a bit gimicky. However, I have noticed a good base for any makeup can make the world of a difference. I know that concealer can essentially do the same job as an eyeshadow primer but I had the Urban decay primer potion and loved it and I just wanted to try the Too Faced shadow insurance.

First off lets talk about the packaging. Too Faced packaging is always cute. What I like about this the most, is that it doesn't have a wand making it more sanitary than the urban decay one.

Well some people will ask 'does this really work?'  and in a nutshell it does. This keeps your eyeshadow in place all night/day and helps it from creasing. This claims to last for 24 hours. I have not tested this and I won't be either. They best way I think to apply this, is with your finger, placing it from the eyelid right up to your browbone. The most important step for me, is setting this with a nude eyeshadow or a translucent powder. This will help you blend your eyeshadows and create a lovely blank canvas for them. 

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