Sunday, 29 May 2016

Best powder Bronzers for contour and where to save your money!

Contouring isn't going anywhere is it? We are hitting the summer months and we will be putting on more fake tan. Its a given. Probably most of you will be going on a nice summer holiday and that means you will more than likely be trying to get a lovely tan. Please remember an SPF!!

So here are some of my powder bronzers for contouring or that sunkissed glow. And where I think you should save your money.

1: Bahama Mama by the Balm. €21.50

Image result for bahama mama by the balm

This is a fab contour shade. It doesn't have any orange undertones. In fact I think this is so comparable to the cult favorite Hoola by benefit. Just that tad darker so even better for when we are loaded up on our tan. A light hand is key here. This is very pigmented!

2. Too faced Chocolate Soleil-Medium €30.00
Image result for too faced chocolate soleil

This is a fab matte bronzer and hey it smells like chocolate! Whats not to like?

3. Hoola by Benefit. €34.00

Image result for hoola by benefit

This is a cult favorite and loved by makeup artists and beauty junkie for years to achieve the contoured look. There are no orange tones and its matte. There isn't anything bad to say here!

4. Amour from the Pippa Palette. €34.50 for the entire palette.

Image result for amour pippa palette#

The bronzer in the palette is fab! This is comparable to the best contour shades out there. The palette is €34.50 and you get a highlighter, a blush and 6 eyeshadows. This is by far the best value!

5. Nars Paloma- $42.00

I guess a great contour shade but for $42.00 there are many different and just as good. Only this was in a cheek palette I purchased I wouldn't splurge here.

6. Nars Laguna $39.00/€38.00
Image result for nars laguna
This is a nice bronzer but for contouring for me its a no no! This has shimmer in it and the colour payoff isn't that great. Is is for a subtle bronze glow. Not for contouring for me anyway!

So I swatched all these shades for you so you can see what they are like.

No flash

Guys save your money on the Pippa Palette or the balm's Bahama Mama. Simple as.

Do you have any of these bronzers and what are your favorite?  Let me know in the comments below. xxx


Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Benefit Watts up Highlighter

This wee gem has been on the go for a good while now but it is a wonderful product and a great option for a good highlighter.
I was given this as a gift for my 30th from a friend that clearly knows me very well!! It's a highlighter! lol. I have had my eye on this wee bad boy for quite sometime. 

This is a cream to powder highlighter and glides on the skin fab! There is a sponge on the opposite end of the highlighter and this is supposed to help blend the product into the skin.  I find blending it in with my finger to have the best results. I believe the warmth of your fingers helps the product blend better.

This is the most beautiful pearl/champagne colour. This looks fab on the skin. You can add just a little for that natural glow. Or you can layer it on and on and on and create the strobe effect. This is a great option for people who love the highlighted look but not the powdery look. Also, there isn't chunks of glitter that sometimes highlighters can leave on the skin. 

Here it is swatched on the back of my hand: 

And here it is on my face!

I love the gold tones and it just adds a beautiful glow!

This is €35.00 and you can get it in boots and debenhams and the likes!xx

Have you got this product?  Do you like it? Let me know in the comments below. Happy Wednesday!


Sunday, 22 May 2016

C.O Bigelow Lemon Body Cream

Ok so I'm going to sound a tad over dramatic (wouldn't be like me) and say this is the BEST body cream I have ever used. Heads up- This is only available that I can see in the USA. 

So my mum told me she had got this body cream that cost $50 and even I thought she was mad! I mean what can be so special about a body cream that costs that much? A friend of hers had got her the tub and I had to test it out to see if it was as good as she was saying. 

When I opened the tub I loved the smell. It smells of lemons but not to over powering. Just the perfect scent. 

The feel of this cream is so lightweight and non greasy. The first three ingredients are water, glycerin and shea butter. Which have insane moisturising qualities. There is also lemon oil and extract in it. It just feels so amazing on the skin. 

Here is a picture of my arm before the cream is applied and after.

It gives this glow to skin but has NO shimmer. I hate moisturisers that have shimmer. It makes any tan better and makes your skin look so healthy and glowy. I don't know how I didn't know about this product when I lived in America.

I checked on Ebay and the prices are insane for this stuff.

It is sold in bath and body works and they don't ship to Ireland!! For my American readers. I envy you.

This tub has 32oz of product in it and is $49.50. If you know anyone going to America I would suggest getting them to take back some of this stuff for you.
  I know you get this in smaller tubs also which would be cheaper.  I never thought I would love a body cream this much. It feels so luxurious on the skin. 

Buy it here:


Tuesday, 17 May 2016

May Glossybox

I loved this months glossybox. So if you have been reading my posts on my glossybox subscription, then you know that I opted for a 3 month subscription and well 3 months passed and I decided to go with another 3 months subscription because I loved getting them in the mail. 

I think this has been my favorite so far, so i'm glad I renewed my subscription. 
Cool packaging for May issue of glossybox.

I was so surprised and happy with the wee bag of popcorn that came in the box. Glossybox must know food is the way to my heart.

First lets talk about my favorite thing in the box. The Revlon Mascara. We glossies got to choose what type of mascara we wanted from Revlons new range. 
Image result for revlon mascara

I opted for the definition mascara and boy am I glad I did. I love the wand and usually it takes me a few uses to break in a mascara. This wand gets right up in the root and lifts your eyelashes. I like this from first impressions and cant wait to use it more.
First look mascara on one eye. There is a massive difference
Mascara on both eyes. Lots of lift. 

 Next we have the Bee Good, Plump and firm moisturiser. This is a fab travel size product and it feels lovely on the skin. I really like and I cant wait to test it out. 

Hawaiian tropic is a very well known brand and especially for their sunscreen. This is a dry oil and has an SPF of 15. I am pretty darn pale so I wouldn't normally go for a dry oil over the freckles. The SPF is good though so ya never know I could give it a go. PS this smells great.

Hairon. This is a nifty wee product and you get three in this wee box. They are hair ties and apparently don't leave that dreaded line in the hair after having it up in a bobble all day.

Absolute New York, Velvet Lip Cream. I surprisingly liked this. I have a few matte liquid lips. This has a non transfer formula and it works. It is a nice nude pink not as bright as it looks and I really like the colour. Here it is swatched on the back of my hand. It is slightly patchy but for the price point I think its great!

The Inside of the box was a green colour and I liked the wee change from the pink box, 

To sign up for glossy box just click here.

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Lets Talk makeup primers

I find this to be quite a daunting thing to shop for. Some say illuminating, some say mattifying, some say colour correcting and some even claim to do it all but which ones do you choose.

The first thing I think people think on is 'do I really need a face primer?' I think the answer is yes. For anything to look good you want to start with a smooth canvas. The best way for your makeup to look good is if you have good skin. Unfortunately, for most if us this is hard. Some people battle all different types of skin problems.

First thing you want to combat is your biggest problem.

If you have acne prone skin and large pores you want to look for a mattifying and pore filling primer.

If you have dry skin you want to be looking for a hydrating or illuminating primer.

If you have alot of redness like rosacea then go for a colour correcting primer that counteracts the redness. I know NYX has a great one.

If you are blessed with great skin but you want your makeup to last all day then you should be adding a primer to your makeup routine. Something with glycerin in it will help it stick in place.

So for me recently, my tzone has become more oily than usual. I think since my psoriasis have cleared on my skin it isn't so dry anymore. I use 2 primers. Sure why not. I use a pore filling and mattifying one on my tzone and a hydrating one on the outer perimeter of my face. Don't be afraid to mix and match you don't have to use one, there are no rules.

Right now I am loving the combo of the Nivea mens post shave balm on the outside of my face and the benefit porefessional on my tzone. I only have a baby size I ran out of my bigger one........boohoo!! (read about the nivea mens post shave balm here-


Friday, 13 May 2016

Morphe 35O review and swatches

Lets take a moment to just look at this beautiful palette. I have wanted this palette for so so long and I finally got my hands on it. This is like a beauty 'cult' favorite. If there is such a thing. Morphe recently just came out with an all matte and all shimmer version of this palette also. Yes yes, I want them but no I'm not going to get them. Well not now anyway!

Morphe has an amazing selection of makeup brushes, eyeshadows, concealers and much more!! 

I have 2 other Morphe palettes and though their eyeshadows are hyped up hard by beauty vloggers on youtube, some shadows are better than others even in the same palette. I do feel though, as time goes on, Morphe have stepped up their game and these shadows are getting closer and closer to the likes of Makeup Geek and Mac. The pigmentation and feel of these shadows in this palette however are AMAZING and I'm not exaggerating. Especially seeing as the price point is fantastic. You get 35 shadows for $22.99. On

I am going to swatch all the colours for you so you can see just how pretty these shadows are. 

From the top row going across:

Pretty aren't they?? The shimmer shadows if used wet come off alot like the makeup geek foiled eyeshadows which are so so pretty. My comfort zone is definitely the colours in this palette. This will be getting used more than a few times. 

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Makeup Wishlist

So I know we all have things we want but can't have and things we simply can't afford. For me that's alot of things. Sometimes I have to reel myself back in and stop myself. I have enough makeup right now and these would be things I would get but don't need or cant get my hands on.

Here are my top 5......

1: Pink Glam Brush Book. $325+tax
Image result for pink glam brush book

Aw look at how pretty this is. I know it would show up dirt so quick but this is just sooooo cute. It comes with 25 makeup brushes and well I just want it.

2: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. €45

I have enough foundation at the minute to go through but when I need a new High end foundation I will be running to purchase this. As the name suggests it's luminous finish foundation.  Yes it is €45 but only a few more Euro than my Makeup forever ultra HD which is €43 per bottle.

3: YSL Rouge Volupte Shine. €33.00
  Rouge Volupte Shine

Call me crazy but the biggest reason why I want this lipstick is the packaging. Afterall it's gold and would look so pretty on my vanity. I just need this just because.

4: Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne glow face palette. Price unknown.
Image result for champagne glow face palette prosecco pop

Jaclyn Hill just announced lastnight that she is coming out with another collaboration with Becca cosmetics and OMG I am excited. I already have the champagne pop highlighter and the holiday palette they released last year. Have a read on them here: It will be available on on may 26th and in store June 2016. I will be setting my alarm to buy this and I will hopefully be able to get my hands on it. There is a new highlighter shade prosecco pop and 3 blushes along with champagne pop. This is one I will certainly be trying to get anyway!

5: Blank Canvas Master one palette. €34.95
Image result for blank canvas master one

I want this so bad but it is still out of stock. The colours scream at me and a friend got one a Christmas and the shadows where so creamy and pigmented. I just couldn't get my hands on it........hopefully soon!xx

Whats on your beauty/makeup wishlist?

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