Sunday, 29 May 2016

Best powder Bronzers for contour and where to save your money!

Contouring isn't going anywhere is it? We are hitting the summer months and we will be putting on more fake tan. Its a given. Probably most of you will be going on a nice summer holiday and that means you will more than likely be trying to get a lovely tan. Please remember an SPF!!

So here are some of my powder bronzers for contouring or that sunkissed glow. And where I think you should save your money.

1: Bahama Mama by the Balm. €21.50

Image result for bahama mama by the balm

This is a fab contour shade. It doesn't have any orange undertones. In fact I think this is so comparable to the cult favorite Hoola by benefit. Just that tad darker so even better for when we are loaded up on our tan. A light hand is key here. This is very pigmented!

2. Too faced Chocolate Soleil-Medium €30.00
Image result for too faced chocolate soleil

This is a fab matte bronzer and hey it smells like chocolate! Whats not to like?

3. Hoola by Benefit. €34.00

Image result for hoola by benefit

This is a cult favorite and loved by makeup artists and beauty junkie for years to achieve the contoured look. There are no orange tones and its matte. There isn't anything bad to say here!

4. Amour from the Pippa Palette. €34.50 for the entire palette.

Image result for amour pippa palette#

The bronzer in the palette is fab! This is comparable to the best contour shades out there. The palette is €34.50 and you get a highlighter, a blush and 6 eyeshadows. This is by far the best value!

5. Nars Paloma- $42.00

I guess a great contour shade but for $42.00 there are many different and just as good. Only this was in a cheek palette I purchased I wouldn't splurge here.

6. Nars Laguna $39.00/€38.00
Image result for nars laguna
This is a nice bronzer but for contouring for me its a no no! This has shimmer in it and the colour payoff isn't that great. Is is for a subtle bronze glow. Not for contouring for me anyway!

So I swatched all these shades for you so you can see what they are like.

No flash

Guys save your money on the Pippa Palette or the balm's Bahama Mama. Simple as.

Do you have any of these bronzers and what are your favorite?  Let me know in the comments below. xxx

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