Thursday, 5 May 2016

How to Sanitize your makeup.

For some strange reason I never really thought about sanitizing my actual makeup and I have got good with cleaning my makeup brushes. I did use a baby wipe to clean up makeup stains on palettes etc. As I am moving forward and learning more about makeup, I realized that the bacteria from your brush can also harbor on your actual makeup. This is because we are double dipping in everything. Although this can be considered ok on yourself. If other people are using your makeup and you are using it on other people, this is not so ok!!

So me being me I youtubed it. lol! Loads of videos came up about using rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle to spray your creams and powders. This is easy got in American drugstores/pharmacies but I could only find it online in Ireland. I seen that Surgical spirits can do the same job at killing bacteria and can be found in any local chemist. I went straight away and bought some. It was €3.27 for 100ml. Which is great and it doesn't interfere with the product itself.

What you will need is a clean empty spray bottle and the surgical spirits. I got my spray bottle in a 2euro store in a set of 3.

You simply use a cotton pad. Spray a few drops and wipe around your palettes or whatever it is, to remove the grubby makeup stains and then you spray the product itself and leave it to dry before closing or storing the product. Also make sure you label your spray bottle as you don't want this to be mistaken for anything else.

Here is the video I came across from an Irish blogger TheMakeupChair:
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