Sunday, 15 May 2016

Lets Talk makeup primers

I find this to be quite a daunting thing to shop for. Some say illuminating, some say mattifying, some say colour correcting and some even claim to do it all but which ones do you choose.

The first thing I think people think on is 'do I really need a face primer?' I think the answer is yes. For anything to look good you want to start with a smooth canvas. The best way for your makeup to look good is if you have good skin. Unfortunately, for most if us this is hard. Some people battle all different types of skin problems.

First thing you want to combat is your biggest problem.

If you have acne prone skin and large pores you want to look for a mattifying and pore filling primer.

If you have dry skin you want to be looking for a hydrating or illuminating primer.

If you have alot of redness like rosacea then go for a colour correcting primer that counteracts the redness. I know NYX has a great one.

If you are blessed with great skin but you want your makeup to last all day then you should be adding a primer to your makeup routine. Something with glycerin in it will help it stick in place.

So for me recently, my tzone has become more oily than usual. I think since my psoriasis have cleared on my skin it isn't so dry anymore. I use 2 primers. Sure why not. I use a pore filling and mattifying one on my tzone and a hydrating one on the outer perimeter of my face. Don't be afraid to mix and match you don't have to use one, there are no rules.

Right now I am loving the combo of the Nivea mens post shave balm on the outside of my face and the benefit porefessional on my tzone. I only have a baby size I ran out of my bigger one........boohoo!! (read about the nivea mens post shave balm here-

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