Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Bellamianta Tan, Mousse

I have wanted to try this mousse for months. I had so many fake tans in my drawer that needed to be used up so I put off buying this even though it was everywhere and everyone seemed to love it!

I had a best friend's wedding coming up and I wanted a darker tan than my usual and it was the summer so I was happy to go darker. I opted for the mousse as this is darker than their lotion which is a medium shade. Image result for bellamianta lotion.

I have yet to try the lotion so I cant compare both. The mousse claims to be a lovely dark olive tone and it really is. There are no orange tones with this tan. It is easy to blend and dries quick. Which I love.

I will say with ANY tan that you have to prep the skin by exfoliating the skin 24/48 hrs before hand and no moisturiser because this acts as a barrier for the tan. I know everyone has heard this a million times but it really works. Only moisturise the elbows, knees, hands and feet.

I am as white as a ghost and I loved the colour it gave. The best part was when I jumped into the shower the next day all my tan didn't run down the shower which I find with most tans and all your hard work the night before has been wasted.  It washed away the excess but not all the colour. This is the only long lasting tan that takes to my legs. For some reason my legs are a problem but not with this. 

Lets talk about the Mitt. It is velvet soft and I think this is what helps with how smooth this tan applies. You pop it into the wash when its dirty and reuse. This is wayyyyy better in my opinion than the cheap mitts because its softer on the skin, creates an even application and lasts longer. So instead of re buying the cheap ones, that in the long run costs you more, invest in this mitt and your tan and skin will thank you.  

The mitt is €9.95 and the Mousse is €22.95 and you can get them in most chemists or on www.inishpharmacy.com.


Monday, 27 June 2016

Blank Canvas Master Series Palette one

What can I say.....I have wanted this palette since Christmas and boy am I glad I got my hands on it. I had been eagerly awaiting this palette and it had been delayed for resale for so so long, so when it came back in stock I immediately went online and got it!!

The colours consist of 12 shades 11 matte shades and one shimmer. Although the first shade, Lily is more satin in my opinion. 

Above is the first row swatched.  From right to left we have Lily, Goddess (amazing for inner corner and browbone highlight), Core, Hibiscus, Brazen(perfect crease colour) and Carmen. 

Above is the second row swatched. Cocoa, Downtown, Fonza, Hickory, Strut and Corruption. 

These colours are amazing and you can create so many amazing eyeshadow looks with this. The shadows are so creamy and great quality. Included with these shadows is an amazing double ended brush that is fab quality and usually brushes you get in palettes are meh! at best!

I am presuming that Blank Canvas are going to be releasing a series of master palettes and this is just the beginning, maybe I am mad but it's a good idea.  

I think if you are an MUA then this would be an amazing addition to your kit. You get 12 fantastic quality eyeshadows for €34.99 and you can get them on blankcanvas.comInishpharmacy and www.cloud10beauty.com

These shadows are so easy to blend. 

Here is a look I created using this palette. 

Do any of you have this palette?? 


Wednesday, 15 June 2016

June Glossy Box!!

First off this post is a tad late.....I know its the middle of June but the box came later than usual and plus I am writing this late.

So the last time I uploaded a reader pointed out how they were unhappy with the last Glossybox and it was because she had received a moisturiser in every Glossybox and it got me thinking that so did I! I was feeling underwhelmed too. So I was pleasantly surprised when this months box didn't have a moisturiser. Well there was an after-sun which is kind of a moisturiser but its called an after sun!

First I am going to talk about this Lip and Cheek Stain from Emite Make-up. I first thought this was a lip gloss but I was soooo happy with it. I have the benetint from benefit and I love that as a lip stain but I preferred this applicator and its about half the price. Its £12.50.

Here is the snag in this months box. We got another SPF and although this is a great product. Ireland gets sun about a week out of the year and I am not going on a summer holiday so I was slightly disappointed in this. This is from the brand Ladival and retails at £19.99

I love the Aussie Brand and their hair products so I am happy enough with this. This will be going in my sample drawer and these things are so handy for travel! The sample size is £1.09

Here is the moisturiser.........sorry I mean the after Sun. Maybe I am being cynical and you know what? Maybe Ireland will have a heatwave and I will need this. lol This is from the brand De Bruyere and retails at £9.48

These last 2 products that I am mentioning is the reason I loved this months Glossybox. I have wanted to try the Starskin smoothing eye masks for soooo long and there were 2 in the box.  I am soooo happy with this. These are £8.50 each.  The Spa To you Konjac sponge had me intrigued.  It is for exfoliating the face and body and is free from colours, chemicals and all the bad stuff and you can use it for 8-10weeks! Its from Korea and they have the most innovative beauty products on the market. Cant wait to try it! This retails at £6.99

Have any of you gotten you glossybox yet? Or do you want a monthly treat? Sign up Here


Monday, 13 June 2016

Things I am loving right now

So I thought I would share with you things that I am loving using right now and things that will have me going back for more.

First I want to talk about Skincare. I did a blogpost on my nighttime and daytime skincare routine but honestly I have been loving this for so long and I don't think I will stop using this anytime soon. Garnier Micellar water.  It honestly is the best thing I have ever used to cleanse off my makeup. It's fast and easy and feels so refreshing on the skin. Garnier have released a few variations of this for different skin types.   I am very interested in trying the oil based one. Think this will be my next purchase.

Image result for garnier micellar water rangeYou simply add a few drops to a cotton pad and use in circular motions on your face and eyes. This even removes waterproof mascara. You can buy this in any chemist and most supermarkets.

Second is my Mario Badescu Hydrating moisturiser. This is enriched with hylaronic acid and Biocare, Seriously my face feels soooooo hydrated when I use this. Its enriched with antioxidants and collagen. Not only does it help with dry skin but it helps fine lines and wrinkles and I will definitely be purchasing this again. I purchased mine on beauty bay for €22.60 Beauty Bay Badescu Moisturiser

The Body Shop Oils of Life.Image result for oils of life sample size# I got a sample version of this in a Glossybox and I fell IN LOVE. My skin feels amazing after I apply this. It smells fantastic and mixes great with foundation. If you are on the hunt for a good facial Oil then I definitely recommend this. It is £28 and you can get it Here
Click for enlarged view

ABH Dip brow Pomade.
 Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade

Want good brows but you cant get it right with pencils or powders then this will be your best friend. My brow game has got stronger with this wee bad boy. I swear it's so easy to use and it lasts all night. Use short stroke motions to create a natural hair like strand. There are 11 shades to choose from so you will definitely be able to find one for you. If you have a natural strong brow then powder should be enough but if you have sparse brows then this is your new BFF. I got mine on beauty bay for €18.60 here.

 Sleek Solstice palette. This is some highlighter palette. If you want to shine bright and want a severe noticeable highlighter then this is your next purchase. I had someone comment under a blog post I did on this that this is not for the faint-hearted and that's exactly what this is. Intense, If you want the natural glow then skip this. This is €14.49 and I got mine Here

Co. Bigelow Lemon Body cream.

A fab body moisturiser that adds a glow to the skin with no shimmer!! What more could you want.

Nivea men's post shave balm.
Image result for nivea men post shave balm

Read my full blogpost on this Here. My makeup goes on so smooth when I use this as a makeup primer and it lasts so much longer before fading off or caking. Steal your mans or your dads to try this out!

Last but not least is my Pippa Palette. This is my ride or die travel buddy. If I am going anywhere or staying anywhere I take this with me. It has a bronzer, blush, highlighter and shadows. I know if I have this I have all I need to create a fab makeup look. Read my blogpost on this Palette here. This is €34.99 and you can purchase this Here

Let me know in the comments below what you are loving at the mo and if you use any of these products!xx


Friday, 10 June 2016

Physicians Formula, Butter Bronzer

Do you really want to know the main reason I bought this bronzer? Because I really needed a new one......................no don't be silly. It was the packaging!
  Just take a minute to have a wee look at it! It looks like summer and you know what it smells like it too! Wait listen to this, It's paraben free, gluten free, gruelty free and oil free. I mean that alone made it worth buying

Beautiful wavy sand print. 

It is infused with Murumuru Butter, Cupuacu Butter and Tucuma Butter, from the lush, nutrient-rich Amazon. These are infused with natural fatty acids and have moisturising qualities. Have I convinced you yet because I have convinced myself. 

This is actually a fab contour colour. I love applying it with an angled contour brush. 

Luxie angled contour brush

There are 2 shades in this range. Light Bronzer and Bronzer. I done a bit of research on this product and even the palest of people commented that the shade Light bronzer barley showed up on the skin so I opted for the shade Bronzer. I cant really imagine this been much of a bronzer for deeper skintones. I think they should have come out with a darker shade than this for deeper skin tones.

Ok so this retails at $15.00 and really is a great drugstore bronzer. I know a few chemists in Ireland have Physicians Formula but I don't think this butter range has made it to this side of the Atlantic! 

Anyway if you are in the states you can get it on drugstore.com, ulta, walgreens, CVS etc and if you live here you can purchase this online at IHerb.com

But though really........ the packaging is cool, right?


Thursday, 9 June 2016

Anastasia of Beverly hills glow kit in 'That Glow'

So I now officially have an actual addiction to highlighters. I am on a spending ban but I did buy this a while back and a friend took it back to Ireland for me! So this is just as beautiful as it's sister 'Gleam'. I did a blog post on this a while back ABH glow kit in 'Gleam'

So clearly from the pics you can see that this is definitely more of a golden glow kit compared the 'Gleam' kit which had much pinker undertones. I would say this kit is definitley geared towards a darker skintone or people who like a golden highlight. 

I also got the ABH highlight brush #23. Yip it was worth it and applies any highlighter beautifully. It's the perfect shape and size. This is $25.00 and I got mine here: Sephora ABH Highlighter brush you can also order it here BeautyBay ABH Highlighter brush for €31.00

Here they are swatched on my hand. You can mix all these shades together to create a beautiful unique highlight or use each shade on their own.
Don't be afraid to use products that are meant for highlighting as eyeshadows. Its a multi-use product sooooo I definitely needed it! 


First we have Sunburst This is the most yellow gold of the bunch and it shines beautifully on the skin. 

Next we have Golden Bronze and this is definitley the most bronze shade of the bunch. For deep skin tones this would work great as a blush or a shimmery bronzer

Bubbly is a beautiful Champagne glow and I think this compliments all skintones. 

Last we have Drippin In Gold this is very similar to bubbly in my opinion but has a more gold undertone and these together make a fab combo!

This is $40 or €47.90. I got mine on Sephora but you can also get this on www.beautybay.com and it has free shipping.

Do you have any of the ABH  glow kits? Did you hear a 3rd one came out?..........................NO NO NO. I will not be purchasing it!


Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Makeup setting powders, my top 5

Ok so another thing that's hard to get right! I have tried most setting powders out there and right now I have enough for myself and then some.  There are different types of powders out there and you can find ones that suit your skin type. 

There are pressed powders and loose powders. Translucent powders and coloured powders. Translucent is supposed to mean no colour basically. Some products claim to be but we all know they all aren't. 

Find out exactly what you are wanting your powder for and then choose what powder you need. 

Here are my top 5 setting powders: 

1. RCMA no colour powder. 
Image result for rcma no colour powder

This is a fab all rounder. As it says it is actually a no colour powder. Brilliant for setting your makeup and your undereye concealer because it isn't cakey or drying. This has been a secret of MUA's for years and guess what? It's on the cheaper scale at £8.23 on RCMA No colour powder

2. Laura Mercier translucent setting powder 

Image result for laura mercier translucent setting powder

This is €42.00 and definitely on the pricey side. HOWEVER this stuff is magical. Its so finely milled. It sets your makeup flawlessly and leaves you looking like your makeup is snatched.  It contains french cashmere talc and feels so luxurious and silky on the skin. This is fab for ALL skin types. In the US you can purchase this on www.sephora.com and in Ireland on Laura Mercier Setting powder Brown Thomas

3. Rimmel stay matte pressed powder. 

Image result for rimmel stay matte powder

I used to be scared of this powder because my skin was so dry and it felt cakey. I knew this was fab for oily skin and the only thing is when you have dry skin this would only really work for the TZone but boy does it work. This is fab for €5.99 Rimmel Stay Matte Boots

4. Coty Airspun extra coverage translucent setting powder. 
Coty Airspun Loose Powder, Translucent, 2.3 Ounce

This has been around since the days of your granny and is another MUA secret weapon. Let me stop right here and just say this is only available in the USA so sorry to my European readers but I had to add this because it's so good.  It has that old lady smell but it disappears after it is put on the skin and this stuff rocks. It minimizes pores and leaves a flawless look to the skin. Wait for it! This stuff is $6.49 and you will get it at any local walgreens or walmart. Or online here:Coty Airspun Walgreens

5. Soap and Glory Kick Ass Powder
Image result for Kick ass powder

I love this for setting the under eye area. This is a fab powder for touching up throughout the day when ur makeup is fading and the shine is starting. It's weightless and translucent and you will re purchase this again and again.  The price point is amazing at €16.00 buy it here: Soap and Glory Kick ass powder

I love using the Blank Canvas F15 to set my undereye concealer. Its my Fav. You can get it here:Blank Canvas F15

If I am wanting that extra extra coverage. Use a foundation powder to set your makeup. Now be careful this can look super cakey a small amount will go far. My favorite for this is the Mac Studio Fix Powder Foundation. 

What is your favorite face powders? Let me know in the comments below!xx


Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Foundation 101

Foundation 101: Is your foundation not lasting all day? Is it clinging to dry patches? Are you a shiny mess after a while?

So for the longest time I was wearing the wrong foundation for my skin type. The most important thing to consider when purchasing a foundation is what type of skin you have. There are copious amounts of foundations out there from drugstore prices to highend. Water foundations to cream, to spray foundations. There is one for you. Whether you are on a budget or not.

So first say you have oily skin and maybe you are battling acne or breakouts. Or maybe by the end of the day you are as shiny as a disco ball.  The words to look out for should be mattifying, long wear, oil free or pore minimizing.  If you have really oily skin but you want that glowing luminous look. Use a powder to set your foundation and apply a powder highlighter to the high points of the face for that glow. Also use a powder contour rather than cream so it stays in place and doesn't slide off the skin in a few hours.

A great drugstore foundation for oily skin is the Rimmell stay matte and the Revlon colourstay for oily skin. A great highend foundation is the Estee lauder double wear or Mac Studio Fix.

Lets say you have dehydrated or dry skin. The words you want to look for are Luminous, silky, hydrating and water. If you want the glowing skin but you know your face will look cakey with powder products. Use a cream contour or cream highlighter to your skin.

A fantastic drugstore foundation for dehydrated or dry skin is the Loreal Lumi foundation or the Revlon Colourstay for dry skin. A great highend is the Makeup forever Ultra HD or The Giorgio Armani Luminous silk. 

If you have combination skin, say an oily tzone and normal/dry everywhere else. Don't be afraid to mix foundations and use a mattifying powder for your tzone and silky powder for the rest of your face.

A great drugstore foundation for all skin types or combination skin is hands down Loreal true match (the regular one). A great highend foundation for this is the makeup forever ultra HD

If you have more mature skin, then you are more than likely on the drier scale because as we get older we produce less oils on our skin. We also want a foundation that wont settle into fine lines. So opting for a good tinted moisturiser like the naked skin one and done or any of the foundations I mentioned for dry skin.


So here is the thing if you have been using the wrong foundation for your skin type then changing foundation can be scary and you will probably hate the new foundation you buy because maybe its too thick or runny and its not what you are used too. I promise after a while you will get used to it and your skin will thank you.

I know most of us want long wear foundation because we want it to last all day at work or school but sometimes these long wear foundations might not be whats best for you.  We want our skin to look good all day so using a foundation that is right for you even if it has less coverage will look better.

This is a long blog post isn't it? So next I want to talk about how to apply your foundation. I remember doing it with my hands! Yuck! haha. There are a few ways to apply foundation nowadays and it all depends on the foundation you are applying. I love using a flat Kabuki style foundation brush to buff it into the skin. This is great for a fuller coverage. Two great options are the Blank Canvas F20 and the Real Techniques expert face brush. Both super affordable and some of the best in my opinion. 

Another great option for applying a foundation is a beauty sponge. So here's the thing. There are only 2 sponges I will use or recommend and that is the Real Techniques complexion perfection sponge and the Beauty Blender brand. The real techniques sponge is better value and can be bought from €7-9 and the beauty blender retails at $20/€20. I find the cheap ones, say from pennys to just eat the foundation and are harder to clean. I recommend if you are using a sponge to clean it regularly as that damp environment can harbor bacteria quickly.

If you are using a very watery or runny foundation use a stippling/flat top kabuki brush and if you are using a thicker foundation use the sponge and pounch it on the skin. Don't use a rubbing motion.

I rarely use the flat foundation to actually blend my foundation anymore. I do however use it to place the foundation on my skin and blend with something else. 

Are you using the right foundation? Go have a look at the foundations you have and see if they are whats best for you. 

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