Thursday, 9 June 2016

Anastasia of Beverly hills glow kit in 'That Glow'

So I now officially have an actual addiction to highlighters. I am on a spending ban but I did buy this a while back and a friend took it back to Ireland for me! So this is just as beautiful as it's sister 'Gleam'. I did a blog post on this a while back ABH glow kit in 'Gleam'

So clearly from the pics you can see that this is definitely more of a golden glow kit compared the 'Gleam' kit which had much pinker undertones. I would say this kit is definitley geared towards a darker skintone or people who like a golden highlight. 

I also got the ABH highlight brush #23. Yip it was worth it and applies any highlighter beautifully. It's the perfect shape and size. This is $25.00 and I got mine here: Sephora ABH Highlighter brush you can also order it here BeautyBay ABH Highlighter brush for €31.00

Here they are swatched on my hand. You can mix all these shades together to create a beautiful unique highlight or use each shade on their own.
Don't be afraid to use products that are meant for highlighting as eyeshadows. Its a multi-use product sooooo I definitely needed it! 


First we have Sunburst This is the most yellow gold of the bunch and it shines beautifully on the skin. 

Next we have Golden Bronze and this is definitley the most bronze shade of the bunch. For deep skin tones this would work great as a blush or a shimmery bronzer

Bubbly is a beautiful Champagne glow and I think this compliments all skintones. 

Last we have Drippin In Gold this is very similar to bubbly in my opinion but has a more gold undertone and these together make a fab combo!

This is $40 or €47.90. I got mine on Sephora but you can also get this on and it has free shipping.

Do you have any of the ABH  glow kits? Did you hear a 3rd one came out?..........................NO NO NO. I will not be purchasing it!

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