Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Bellamianta Tan, Mousse

I have wanted to try this mousse for months. I had so many fake tans in my drawer that needed to be used up so I put off buying this even though it was everywhere and everyone seemed to love it!

I had a best friend's wedding coming up and I wanted a darker tan than my usual and it was the summer so I was happy to go darker. I opted for the mousse as this is darker than their lotion which is a medium shade. Image result for bellamianta lotion.

I have yet to try the lotion so I cant compare both. The mousse claims to be a lovely dark olive tone and it really is. There are no orange tones with this tan. It is easy to blend and dries quick. Which I love.

I will say with ANY tan that you have to prep the skin by exfoliating the skin 24/48 hrs before hand and no moisturiser because this acts as a barrier for the tan. I know everyone has heard this a million times but it really works. Only moisturise the elbows, knees, hands and feet.

I am as white as a ghost and I loved the colour it gave. The best part was when I jumped into the shower the next day all my tan didn't run down the shower which I find with most tans and all your hard work the night before has been wasted.  It washed away the excess but not all the colour. This is the only long lasting tan that takes to my legs. For some reason my legs are a problem but not with this. 

Lets talk about the Mitt. It is velvet soft and I think this is what helps with how smooth this tan applies. You pop it into the wash when its dirty and reuse. This is wayyyyy better in my opinion than the cheap mitts because its softer on the skin, creates an even application and lasts longer. So instead of re buying the cheap ones, that in the long run costs you more, invest in this mitt and your tan and skin will thank you.  

The mitt is €9.95 and the Mousse is €22.95 and you can get them in most chemists or on www.inishpharmacy.com.

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