Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Foundation 101

Foundation 101: Is your foundation not lasting all day? Is it clinging to dry patches? Are you a shiny mess after a while?

So for the longest time I was wearing the wrong foundation for my skin type. The most important thing to consider when purchasing a foundation is what type of skin you have. There are copious amounts of foundations out there from drugstore prices to highend. Water foundations to cream, to spray foundations. There is one for you. Whether you are on a budget or not.

So first say you have oily skin and maybe you are battling acne or breakouts. Or maybe by the end of the day you are as shiny as a disco ball.  The words to look out for should be mattifying, long wear, oil free or pore minimizing.  If you have really oily skin but you want that glowing luminous look. Use a powder to set your foundation and apply a powder highlighter to the high points of the face for that glow. Also use a powder contour rather than cream so it stays in place and doesn't slide off the skin in a few hours.

A great drugstore foundation for oily skin is the Rimmell stay matte and the Revlon colourstay for oily skin. A great highend foundation is the Estee lauder double wear or Mac Studio Fix.

Lets say you have dehydrated or dry skin. The words you want to look for are Luminous, silky, hydrating and water. If you want the glowing skin but you know your face will look cakey with powder products. Use a cream contour or cream highlighter to your skin.

A fantastic drugstore foundation for dehydrated or dry skin is the Loreal Lumi foundation or the Revlon Colourstay for dry skin. A great highend is the Makeup forever Ultra HD or The Giorgio Armani Luminous silk. 

If you have combination skin, say an oily tzone and normal/dry everywhere else. Don't be afraid to mix foundations and use a mattifying powder for your tzone and silky powder for the rest of your face.

A great drugstore foundation for all skin types or combination skin is hands down Loreal true match (the regular one). A great highend foundation for this is the makeup forever ultra HD

If you have more mature skin, then you are more than likely on the drier scale because as we get older we produce less oils on our skin. We also want a foundation that wont settle into fine lines. So opting for a good tinted moisturiser like the naked skin one and done or any of the foundations I mentioned for dry skin.


So here is the thing if you have been using the wrong foundation for your skin type then changing foundation can be scary and you will probably hate the new foundation you buy because maybe its too thick or runny and its not what you are used too. I promise after a while you will get used to it and your skin will thank you.

I know most of us want long wear foundation because we want it to last all day at work or school but sometimes these long wear foundations might not be whats best for you.  We want our skin to look good all day so using a foundation that is right for you even if it has less coverage will look better.

This is a long blog post isn't it? So next I want to talk about how to apply your foundation. I remember doing it with my hands! Yuck! haha. There are a few ways to apply foundation nowadays and it all depends on the foundation you are applying. I love using a flat Kabuki style foundation brush to buff it into the skin. This is great for a fuller coverage. Two great options are the Blank Canvas F20 and the Real Techniques expert face brush. Both super affordable and some of the best in my opinion. 

Another great option for applying a foundation is a beauty sponge. So here's the thing. There are only 2 sponges I will use or recommend and that is the Real Techniques complexion perfection sponge and the Beauty Blender brand. The real techniques sponge is better value and can be bought from €7-9 and the beauty blender retails at $20/€20. I find the cheap ones, say from pennys to just eat the foundation and are harder to clean. I recommend if you are using a sponge to clean it regularly as that damp environment can harbor bacteria quickly.

If you are using a very watery or runny foundation use a stippling/flat top kabuki brush and if you are using a thicker foundation use the sponge and pounch it on the skin. Don't use a rubbing motion.

I rarely use the flat foundation to actually blend my foundation anymore. I do however use it to place the foundation on my skin and blend with something else. 

Are you using the right foundation? Go have a look at the foundations you have and see if they are whats best for you. 

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