Wednesday, 15 June 2016

June Glossy Box!!

First off this post is a tad late.....I know its the middle of June but the box came later than usual and plus I am writing this late.

So the last time I uploaded a reader pointed out how they were unhappy with the last Glossybox and it was because she had received a moisturiser in every Glossybox and it got me thinking that so did I! I was feeling underwhelmed too. So I was pleasantly surprised when this months box didn't have a moisturiser. Well there was an after-sun which is kind of a moisturiser but its called an after sun!

First I am going to talk about this Lip and Cheek Stain from Emite Make-up. I first thought this was a lip gloss but I was soooo happy with it. I have the benetint from benefit and I love that as a lip stain but I preferred this applicator and its about half the price. Its £12.50.

Here is the snag in this months box. We got another SPF and although this is a great product. Ireland gets sun about a week out of the year and I am not going on a summer holiday so I was slightly disappointed in this. This is from the brand Ladival and retails at £19.99

I love the Aussie Brand and their hair products so I am happy enough with this. This will be going in my sample drawer and these things are so handy for travel! The sample size is £1.09

Here is the moisturiser.........sorry I mean the after Sun. Maybe I am being cynical and you know what? Maybe Ireland will have a heatwave and I will need this. lol This is from the brand De Bruyere and retails at £9.48

These last 2 products that I am mentioning is the reason I loved this months Glossybox. I have wanted to try the Starskin smoothing eye masks for soooo long and there were 2 in the box.  I am soooo happy with this. These are £8.50 each.  The Spa To you Konjac sponge had me intrigued.  It is for exfoliating the face and body and is free from colours, chemicals and all the bad stuff and you can use it for 8-10weeks! Its from Korea and they have the most innovative beauty products on the market. Cant wait to try it! This retails at £6.99

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