Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Anastasia Glow kits - Which one to get.

Anastasia has released 5 glow kits. I have 2 and yes I would love all of them. Lets be realistic though, they are expensive at €42 but they really are great value for money when you consider you get 4 per palette and sometimes you can pay up to €35 for one from Mac, Becca and other brand names. . These really are ideal for a makeup artist. 

First released was the 2 glow kits in the shades in That Glow and Gleam. I did a post for each of them for Gleam click here and That glow here

Then Sun Dipped was released and then followed Sweets and Moonchild. 

I have had a few people ask me now 'which one should I get?'. It really depends on what you are looking for and how pale or dark you are.  

Glow Kit - Gleam
First we can start with Gleam this has peach and pink undertones in each metallic powder. This is fab for the pale girls but does look great on tanned skin. Sometimes being pale can create such a bother to find a highlight that isn't too dark.

Glow Kit - That Glow
Second we have That Glow. These all have bronze, gold and champagne tones. These defs will suit the darkest of skin and a fake tanned beauty.  

Glow Kit - Sun Dipped
Sun Dipped consists of Rose gold, white gold and pearl finishes. There is a really dark shade-Bronzed that I don't think you could wear as a highlighter, unless you have really deep skin. 

Glow Kit - Sweets
Sweets, I think this is for the adventurous highlighters out there.  With the lavender and blue tones. This would be fab for stage makeup but for the everyday girl I would defs pass on it. 

Glow Kit - Moonchild
Last we have Moonchild which has 6 shades in smaller pans. Again this is not for the faint hearted. This is on the pastel end but I have read from other bloggers that the formula is slightly different and these are more glittery. These might be better for the eyes but it does say that these can be swept on the eyes, face and body. 

So all in all it really does come down to your skintone and how dark or pale you are. The pale girls should go for the 'gleam' and the darker ladies could go for the 'That Glow' and 'Sun Dipped' 

Do you have any of the glow kits? If so, which ones?

Photo cred: ABH website
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