Thursday, 21 July 2016

Becca x Jaclyn Hill, Champagne Glow Face Palette


So when I seen this palette was launching in Sephora USA. I knew I had to have it! I have the original Jaclyn Hill x Becca Champagne pop and the palette that was released last October, also by the name champagne glow. I even did a blogpost on these here.

Incase you don't have a clue who Jaclyn Hill is. She is a youtuber with over 3 million subscribers and is a massive influencer in the beauty world. She is currently making her own makeup line, which I know will be amazing. She collaborated with Becca Cosmetics last year to make the most beautiful highlighter shade I own. Champagne pop. This sold out on numerous occasions and everytime it was restocked. It became such a best seller that Becca made it permanent on their makeup line. Fast forward to this year and they made this amazing palette that has three brand new, exclusive blush shades and an all new Highlighter in the mix. 

Just take a moment to look at the packaging. Its white and gold (my fav combo) and it has what looks like gold speckles on it. Its looks and feels so luxurious. This looks so good on my vanity may I add! hahaha

The mirror is massive inside and the colours are universal even for my pale complexion. Even though I will say these look better with a tan on. But what doesn't? Right?

Here are the shades swatched on my arm.  We have Rose Spritz, Amaretto, Pamplemousse, Champagne Pop, Prosecco Pop and Champagne and Prosecco pop mixed!

Rose Spritz is a beautiful pink blush with a gold shimmer! This is fab. 

Amaertto! Thank god someone put a bronzy blush in a palette. Sometimes I am just not feeling colours and I want a bronze blush. This has a pinky/ red undertone that I just love. 

Pamplemousse is a brighter pink blush that i also love. It all depends on the mood you are in!

Champgane Pop. This is what it is. A beautiful champagne highlight that has you glowing from the heavens. 

Prosecco Pop. This is a more golden version of CP and still has that amazing glow. 

Last swatch is CP and PP mixed and it creates this lovely Rose gold tone. 

Becca is on the higher end of things, price point wise BUT their products and packaging are luxurious. These powders are soooooo creamy and buttery and I love the feel of them on the skin.

This palette comes in at $52 + tax. This palette though has a $136.00 value. I think this palette is good value for money seeing as one highlighter from Becca is $38.  

This palette is currently out of stock online and I know some Sephora's across the country (USA) have a random few here and there. There even is a trending hashtag on twitter called #findingchampagnepop. lol. 

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