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Makeup Starter Kit.

If you are just starting out in make-up or if you have a heap of products that you don't need or know how to use I have come up with a guide for you and you don't need to break the bank.

First off, we want to start with a base. Primers do work. Are they essential? No! The best way to make sure your makeup looks good and lasts all day, is to have a clean moisturised face. Make sure your moisturiser is dry before applying foundation or it will slip and slide all over the show.

1. The first thing in your makeup bag should be Foundation, BB cream, CC cream or tinted moisturiser. Pick one based on the coverage you want, light, medium or full. This is a hard one to crack even for people who use makeup all the time. First look at the type of skin you have and choose a foundation based on those needs. Click here for a full post on what foundation to buy for your skin type. Next is the undertone do you have a warm, cool or olive undertone. Here is a helpful chart to help you decide your skins undertone.

 Image result for Foundation undertones

Once you have found this, you can then decide on your shade. A great all round foundation is the L'oreal True Match. This retails at €14.99.

2. Concealer. This is used under the eye to hide dark circles and in the inner perimeter of the face to brighten up that area. The best affordable concealer is the Maybelline age rewind concealer. 
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Pick a concealer that is 1-2 shades lighter than your foundation. Apply your concealer in an upside down triangle under the eye area. Here is a helpful tip.

 Image result for how to apply concealer

3. Face Powder. This is a must. It sets your makeup, keeping it in place and helping it last longer. 

Choose a pressed powder. This suits most skin types and is less messy. I recommend the Soap and Glory pressed powder or the Rimmel stay matte! Use this to set your concealer and your entire face. Using powder to set the face will help you blend your bronzer, blusher and highlighter.

3. Bronzer. If you have chosen the correct foundation the only thing you need a bronzer for is to creates shadows on the face. Contour! Not to match your face or the rest of your body.  I would recommend getting a non shimmery bronzer. I done a full post on bronzers here!

4. Eyeshadows. If you are a beginner then eyeshadow isn't necessary but if you want to use it then I think the best quality affordable eyeshadows are from Sleek cosmetics, Blankcanvas and TheBalm.

  Image result for sleek eyeshadow paletteImage result for thebalm bon voyage

I know I say this allllll the time but the Pippa for Blank Canvas is an all rounder. It has almost everything you need. Eyeshadows, a bronzer, a blush and a highlight. This retails at  €35. If you buy this palette then you are saving as it is an all in one! I did a full post on this palette. Just click here. Same with TheBalms BonVoyage. It has it all too!! This retails more expensive at the €42 mark.

5. Eyebrows. This to me is one of the most important parts of make-up. It can frame the face and practice makes perfect. If you are just starting out then powder is the first thing I would try and I would just fill them in to begin with. Don't go drawing straight lines straight off the bat. Use short strokes and follow the natural shape of the brows. NYX and Sleek both have great wee affordable kits and you can get these in boots or local Chemists that stock these brands. These even come with the handy wee angled brushes that are amazing for filling in the brows.

Image result for sleek eyebrow paletteImage result for NYX eyebrow kit
These are around the €12-€14.

6. Mascara. This really is personal preference and it will take using a few before you find one you really like. My all time fav mascara is the Max factor Masterpiece mascara and it retails at €14.99.

Image result for masterpiece mascara

7. Lipstick. Again if you are just starting out then a nice nude will be your best friend. A nice one and that is cheap and cheerful, is the Maybelline Colour Sensational Nude lipsticks and they affordable at €10 a pop.

Image result for nude lipstick maybelline

8. Brushes. Some things you need brushes for and some you don't. Your hands are tools and your fingers too. I used to use my fingers to blend my foundation and even my concealer. Start off with an affordable brand like Real Techniques or Blank Canvas. These are amazing quality brushes and they are affordable. I use mostly Blank Canvas brushes on clients and I LOVE them.

Here is a fab starter kit from Blank Canvas. Blank Canvas Starter

Now you are probably thinking she didn't mention blusher, highlighter, setting spray or even eyeliner. For a beginner these things are not essential.  If you have bronzer on your cheeks then you have already added colour and highlighter really is a personal preference. Eyeliner is the same. It looks good if used correctly but in my opinion isn't essential. Setting spray is also, in my opinion, not essential when you are starting out in makeup.

That's why I think the Pippa palette or the TheBalm BonVoyage is great value for money as you don't need to but these things separate. Saving you money.

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