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NIP & FAB Glycolic cleanser and cleansing pads.

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So I know it seems like we have a million steps to do when it comes to skincare. Especially when we are being sold something it's like 5 steps to do before we can actually sleep and well, i'm freaking lazy and I just wouldn't be bothered sometimes.

Now there is something I would suggest for everybody and that's double cleansing. I have started this and I am loving the results and how clean my face is.  It is actually very simple and I do this more at night. I will use a cleanser at the sink and then swipe my face with a bit of micellar water on a cotton round or a cleansing pad. You would be surprised what still comes off our face even after we have washed it.

My current fav cleanser is the NIP & FAB Glycolic cleanser. (I have though been using the DUAC gel prescribed by my physician because I am having a case of adult acne which has gotten better with this). Another product I am in love with lately is the NIP & FAB glycolic fix cleansing pads. 

This combo for me has my skin feeling so so clean. The cleanser is great and I love using this with my face brush and it foams soooo well which I love. These are supposed to refresh and and brighten the skin. My skin feels amazing when I use this combo. It says that you can use the pads twice a day but I feel that once a day is plenty!

Glycolic acid helps re-texture and resurface the skin. Giving you a brighter, younger appearance to the skin. This also has hyaluronic acid with helps replenish skins moisture which is great for dull or dry skin or mature skin which tends to dryer, in most cases.

Now if you are taking off your makeup at night I wouldn't really triple cleanse. I would take off my make up with a cleanse off oil or my micellar water and either wash it at the sink with this cleanser or the cleansing pad's. Either way these wee bad boys have my skin feeling amazing and extra clean.

I picked mine up online at cloud10beauty here. I love cloud10beauty as their service is amazing. Their next day delivery is amazing and even sometimes I get it the next day anyway without having to pay extra they are just that quick. If you don't like buying things online,  I know Boots carry NIP & FAB in store.

The pads are €13.95 for 60 of them and the cleanser is €9.95. This is soooo affordable and these products are fab.

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