Friday, 30 September 2016

Cailyn Cosmetics Glitter review

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Ok so who remembers being 13 going into Claire's accessories and wanted all the glitter. Glitter everywhere, all day everyday! lol. I do. Just putting glitter on the lids to go to the 'disco'! 

Well glitter is everywhere right now and looks amazing if applied correctly with the right tools. We are not going to wear glitter to work or to school but on a special occasion this can look amazing.

Festival season has come and gone but I was so happy to do glitter when asked. lol. Cailyn glitters are some of the best glitters I have used.

The glitters go hand in hand with Stick It glue. 

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This is a glue primer and makes the glue stick to the lid and creates and even flow of the glitter rather than it being patchy and sticking in some places.

I have only used 2 shades in this and I plan to use more. Christmas is coming and new years so I know I want to get the red and gold.

Here is a look I created using the glitter.  This was in the shade Cotton Rose. 

Makeup by Vixen hair and beauty Carndonagh. 

I apply the glue on the back of my hand and use my concelaer brush to apply to the lid. Put some of the glitter in the lid and dip my brush in that way. I dab the glitter on the lid and don't use a swiping  motion. 

Cailyn cosmetics have really impressed me and I cant wait to try more of their products. 

You can get these glitters on and the glitters are €15 and the glue is €14. 


Thursday, 29 September 2016

Flormar, Illuminatng Primer

Every now and then we get products that don't work for us. What works for one person might not be so good for you.

I was excited to try this product because I love illumnating primers.  I love the glow they give to skin and the hydrating feel they are supposed to have. I seen alot of bloggers rave about this product and and how it felt great on the skin.

I tried this product on a good few occasions and each time I had the exact same reaction. It just didn't do anything for my skin or on other people I used it on

It felt greasy when applied and actually broke down foundation quicker than it normally would. Especially around the nose area and cheeks. I thought maybe I didn't work it into the skin enough before the application. Alas, this was not the problem. I waited until it dried fully and worked it into the skin. This product just didn't work. The foundation slipped across the skin and did not adhere to the skin to help create that flawless finish.

On the regular my skin would be dry but as you all know my skin when through changes and became more oily. I think if your skin is in anyway oily this is a no go for you. If you have extreme dry skin and I mean extreme this might work for you. ⁠⁠⁠⁠I'ts just too greasy.

 Here it is on the back of my hand.

This primer is €9.95 and you can get better for cheaper in my opinion.
Let me know if this was different for you. Or if you love it. 

Friday, 23 September 2016

Pixi Glow Tonic

I love facial toners and have been using them for years. I first started out with the Simple range as a teenager and have tried many since then. I had seen this Pixi Glow Tonic about for ages and always wanted to try it. Cloud10Beauty where having a 20% off skincare and I was out of toner so I wanted to try it and let you guys know how it went.

Toner is used after cleansing to close down pores after cleansing opens them. For me its a very important part of skincare. 

The Pixi Glow Tonic is an exfoliating toner. Its clears the pores of impurities and helps lightly exfoliate the skin. It has the ingredients Witch Hazel, Ginseng and Glycolic Acid which helps with the exfoliating and the Aloe Vera smooths the skin. This product is alcohol free! Yipee!  I use a lot of glycolic acid products which can make your skin very sensitive to sunlight. Thank god I live in Ireland but an SPF is recommended in your daily moisturiser. 

My skin feels very very clean after using it. I feel like I have done something good for my skin after using this. You know, after using some products or harsh cleansing products the skin can feel tight. This does not do that to me. My skin feels very soft after using this. 

The only draw back I have with this cleanser is the smell. Its not bad at all but it is strong. It does go away after massaged onto the skin but initially the scent is strong.  I think its the Ginseng. 

The best way to apply this is with a cotton pad. Saturate the cotton pad and wipe across the face after cleansing. My fav cotton pads are the pennys brand. They are amazing and you get 100 for €2. 

I got mine on Cloud10Beauty  for €23.50 for 250ml. Yes this is on the expensive side of skincare but I feel this really helps my skin looks smooth and clear. 

Have you tried this yet? What are your thoughts?


Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Bellamianta Tinted Lotion

We all have heard of Bellamianta at this stage. If you haven't then you need this tan in your life! I done a full blogpost on the amazing mousse here.  

The mousse is the dark tan and the lotion is the medium tan. 

So lets jump into the lotion. This is of a thick consistency and glides on the skin so easy. I love that there is a guide colour and it is so easy to see where the tan is going on the skin. This stuff says that it dries on 60 seconds and it actually does. This is one of my favourite parts about the tan.

This tan has zero smell. Can we say THANK GOD. There is nothing worse than the smell tan leaves behind and this does not do that.  This tan feels almost like you are applying a moisturiser to the skin. 

Bellamianta is non toxic, paraben free and kind to skin. More and more people are conscious about what not only goes into our bodies but what goes on them too. So this tan is reassuring knowing that its non toxic and paraben free. This tan is also infused with Vitamin E which has so many benefits for the skin. I find the lotion to be so moisturising on the skin. 

You can see the amazing results with this tan and how nice and golden this tan is, rather than orange. This tan wears off so well and doesn't come off all patchy and gross.

Before Tan

after tan 

There is a new exfoliating mitt they have released and boy does this do the job. Take it in the shower and use this to exfoliate the skin in preparation for tanning. This helps take any remaining unwanted tan off aswell leaving your skin squeeky clean.  Prepping the skin for tan can really make a difference and exfoliating 24 hours before hand really helps. 

All in all. This tan is great option if you want a lighter shade of the mousse. I seriously love both of these tans and are hands down the best tans I have ever used! If you have a special occasion then this should be your go too. You can't go wrong and there is no potential for streaky tan here. There is 200ml in the lotion which is fab amount of product. 

Bellamianta is an Irish company based in Co. Tyrone. I love supporting companies based in Ireland. 'Shop Local' as they say. 

You can get Bellamianta in any of your local chemists. I got my mousse on

Thanks to Bellamianta for sending me the lotion. xxx


Monday, 12 September 2016

Dr.PawPaw Balm

I have had this balm for sometime now and I thought I would do a blogpost on it as I just cant get enough of the stuff. This is the Dr.PawPaw original balm

This is a fab balm for cracked lips and will be especially useful in these cold months coming up. It's not just for your lips though. It can be used on the hair, cuticles and anywhere that has cracked skin.

The best part about this product is that it is made from all natural ingredients. 

The ingredients are. Petrolatum, Aloe Barbadenis Leaf Juice, Olea Europaea (olive) fruit oil, carica papaya, potassium sorbate. 

This was a lifesaver when my lips got really cracked and the best part is that it doesn't feel greasy on my lips or skin and absorbs quickly but your lips and skin still feel hydrated. Other balms can feels greasy on the skin and some feel great for the time you apply it and then after a short while your lips are back to square one. Not with this. It leaves my lips feeling hydrated for long and actually helps the healing time if your lips are cracked. 

It comes out in a thick petroleum like consistency and glides on the skin so smooth. 

I got mine in Sculpt cosmetics in Letterkenny for €8.99. It also comes in tinted and flavored aswell. 

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Sunday, 11 September 2016

Pennys Flawless Finish Foundation Brush.

Well now, wasn't I so excited when I recently seen this on all the Irish beauty bloggers snapchat's and pennnys IG account. I don't have any oval shaped brushes and I have been wanting to try them for so long. 

The original makers of this brush are a brand called Artis. They are a luxury item and cost a pretty penny, at around £24-£60 per brush. 


Me being me. The knocks off just weren't going to cut it. So I held off on buying any. That was until  seen this brush from penny's for €4. Yes €4.  I figured you cant go wrong and if it doesn't work it doesn't matter for the price. So off I went to penny's on a quiet day and picked this up.  I have a good few penny's brushes and I must say I really like them. They are soft and they wash so well. 

I opened the package and I was shocked at how densely packed this brush is and how soft it is. It is well packed and the bristles curve. 

It says to use for a flawless finish for foundation. I must say when I used it on my skin it did glide on the skin and I didn't feel any tugging or pulling. It didn't just move the product around my face either. You know when you keep blending and you get streaks and you are just moving foundation all over your face and you are getting nowhere. I will say it took a bit longer than my beauty blender or blank canvas F20 but I guess I am well used to using them now that it's a breeze. 

Here is where this brush is a MASSIVE winner for me. I applied my concealer in the usual areas and decided to use this to blend it out. I LOVED it for this. It glided the concealer so nicely and it didn't move my foundation underneath. Which I hate. I used this brush by using gliding motions and back and forth. Not really lifting the brush from my face. 

Lets talk about how cute this brush is! Its oval and has like a rose gold effect and I think its super on trend. I seriously would repurchase this again and I hope penny's expand the range to maybe a larger one for quicker application of foundation. 

Guys you cant go wrong for €4. I'm so impressed by this! xxx  


Friday, 2 September 2016

Benefit Porefessional Dupes

The word 'dupe' is one that has a different meaning to many people. Some consider a Dupe a product that is simply the same colour or even when it say's it does the same thing. For me, a Dupe has to be something very close in colour, feels and looks the same on the skin, applies the same and performs the same on the skin. The performance part is the most important for me. Does it last as long on the skin and look the same.

Here is a pic of all the products on my hand. :

Image result for porefessional primerLets start out with the best selling primer in the UK/IRL. The Benefit Porefessional. There is no doubting that this does exactly what it says on the tin. It fills in pores, smooths fine lines and gives your foundation a flawless base. This helps my makeup last all day and has been one of my favourite primers for quite sometime. This has a a price tag of €34.

Image result for maybelline baby skinNext we have the Maybelline Baby Skin. This comes in at €11.49 a heck of a lot cheaper but is it as good? Yes it fills in pores and leaves a smooth canvas. This is a clear silicone based product so straight off the bat for me this is not really a dupe as the porefessiomal has a tint to it. As far as performance goes, I don't think this performs as well as the benefit porefessional. After a while I felt that this actually broke my foundation down. Leaving it patchy in the areas I applied it. You could see it separating on my skin where my oils where coming through. Seeing as I need bullet proof makeup on a Saturday in a salon. This didn't cut it for me. It is a great product just not as good as the porefessional. 

Image result for magique blur creamsLast we have the L'oreal Magique Blur Cream. €14.99. This is something I wanted to try for a long time but I had no need to purchase it as I had many primer's to use up first. When I was in Boots one day I seen an offer on L'oreal for 3for2 and I jumped on the chance to get it. This wee bad boy is a gem. This has a tint to it just like the porefessional, when applied to the skin this looks exactly the same and the both fill in pores and fine lines. So I tested this one day using the porefessional and the next I used the Blur Cream. This performed the exact same. It helped my foundation stay on longer and gives a lovely smooth base. This could be worn on its own on the skin. It blurs imperfections.

So there you have it. The magique blur cream, in my opinion, is a dupe for the porefessional. The baby skin is not. If you are a lover of the porefessional go now and grab the magique blur cream at half the price.

Do you have any of these? What is your favourite?

Alanna xx

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