Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Bellamianta Tinted Lotion

We all have heard of Bellamianta at this stage. If you haven't then you need this tan in your life! I done a full blogpost on the amazing mousse here.  

The mousse is the dark tan and the lotion is the medium tan. 

So lets jump into the lotion. This is of a thick consistency and glides on the skin so easy. I love that there is a guide colour and it is so easy to see where the tan is going on the skin. This stuff says that it dries on 60 seconds and it actually does. This is one of my favourite parts about the tan.

This tan has zero smell. Can we say THANK GOD. There is nothing worse than the smell tan leaves behind and this does not do that.  This tan feels almost like you are applying a moisturiser to the skin. 

Bellamianta is non toxic, paraben free and kind to skin. More and more people are conscious about what not only goes into our bodies but what goes on them too. So this tan is reassuring knowing that its non toxic and paraben free. This tan is also infused with Vitamin E which has so many benefits for the skin. I find the lotion to be so moisturising on the skin. 

You can see the amazing results with this tan and how nice and golden this tan is, rather than orange. This tan wears off so well and doesn't come off all patchy and gross.

Before Tan

after tan 

There is a new exfoliating mitt they have released and boy does this do the job. Take it in the shower and use this to exfoliate the skin in preparation for tanning. This helps take any remaining unwanted tan off aswell leaving your skin squeeky clean.  Prepping the skin for tan can really make a difference and exfoliating 24 hours before hand really helps. 

All in all. This tan is great option if you want a lighter shade of the mousse. I seriously love both of these tans and are hands down the best tans I have ever used! If you have a special occasion then this should be your go too. You can't go wrong and there is no potential for streaky tan here. There is 200ml in the lotion which is fab amount of product. 

Bellamianta is an Irish company based in Co. Tyrone. I love supporting companies based in Ireland. 'Shop Local' as they say. 

You can get Bellamianta in any of your local chemists. I got my mousse on Inishpharmacy.com

Thanks to Bellamianta for sending me the lotion. xxx

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