Friday, 2 September 2016

Benefit Porefessional Dupes

The word 'dupe' is one that has a different meaning to many people. Some consider a Dupe a product that is simply the same colour or even when it say's it does the same thing. For me, a Dupe has to be something very close in colour, feels and looks the same on the skin, applies the same and performs the same on the skin. The performance part is the most important for me. Does it last as long on the skin and look the same.

Here is a pic of all the products on my hand. :

Image result for porefessional primerLets start out with the best selling primer in the UK/IRL. The Benefit Porefessional. There is no doubting that this does exactly what it says on the tin. It fills in pores, smooths fine lines and gives your foundation a flawless base. This helps my makeup last all day and has been one of my favourite primers for quite sometime. This has a a price tag of €34.

Image result for maybelline baby skinNext we have the Maybelline Baby Skin. This comes in at €11.49 a heck of a lot cheaper but is it as good? Yes it fills in pores and leaves a smooth canvas. This is a clear silicone based product so straight off the bat for me this is not really a dupe as the porefessiomal has a tint to it. As far as performance goes, I don't think this performs as well as the benefit porefessional. After a while I felt that this actually broke my foundation down. Leaving it patchy in the areas I applied it. You could see it separating on my skin where my oils where coming through. Seeing as I need bullet proof makeup on a Saturday in a salon. This didn't cut it for me. It is a great product just not as good as the porefessional. 

Image result for magique blur creamsLast we have the L'oreal Magique Blur Cream. €14.99. This is something I wanted to try for a long time but I had no need to purchase it as I had many primer's to use up first. When I was in Boots one day I seen an offer on L'oreal for 3for2 and I jumped on the chance to get it. This wee bad boy is a gem. This has a tint to it just like the porefessional, when applied to the skin this looks exactly the same and the both fill in pores and fine lines. So I tested this one day using the porefessional and the next I used the Blur Cream. This performed the exact same. It helped my foundation stay on longer and gives a lovely smooth base. This could be worn on its own on the skin. It blurs imperfections.

So there you have it. The magique blur cream, in my opinion, is a dupe for the porefessional. The baby skin is not. If you are a lover of the porefessional go now and grab the magique blur cream at half the price.

Do you have any of these? What is your favourite?

Alanna xx

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