Friday, 30 September 2016

Cailyn Cosmetics Glitter review

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Ok so who remembers being 13 going into Claire's accessories and wanted all the glitter. Glitter everywhere, all day everyday! lol. I do. Just putting glitter on the lids to go to the 'disco'! 

Well glitter is everywhere right now and looks amazing if applied correctly with the right tools. We are not going to wear glitter to work or to school but on a special occasion this can look amazing.

Festival season has come and gone but I was so happy to do glitter when asked. lol. Cailyn glitters are some of the best glitters I have used.

The glitters go hand in hand with Stick It glue. 

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This is a glue primer and makes the glue stick to the lid and creates and even flow of the glitter rather than it being patchy and sticking in some places.

I have only used 2 shades in this and I plan to use more. Christmas is coming and new years so I know I want to get the red and gold.

Here is a look I created using the glitter.  This was in the shade Cotton Rose. 

Makeup by Vixen hair and beauty Carndonagh. 

I apply the glue on the back of my hand and use my concelaer brush to apply to the lid. Put some of the glitter in the lid and dip my brush in that way. I dab the glitter on the lid and don't use a swiping  motion. 

Cailyn cosmetics have really impressed me and I cant wait to try more of their products. 

You can get these glitters on and the glitters are €15 and the glue is €14. 

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