Sunday, 11 September 2016

Pennys Flawless Finish Foundation Brush.

Well now, wasn't I so excited when I recently seen this on all the Irish beauty bloggers snapchat's and pennnys IG account. I don't have any oval shaped brushes and I have been wanting to try them for so long. 

The original makers of this brush are a brand called Artis. They are a luxury item and cost a pretty penny, at around £24-£60 per brush. 


Me being me. The knocks off just weren't going to cut it. So I held off on buying any. That was until  seen this brush from penny's for €4. Yes €4.  I figured you cant go wrong and if it doesn't work it doesn't matter for the price. So off I went to penny's on a quiet day and picked this up.  I have a good few penny's brushes and I must say I really like them. They are soft and they wash so well. 

I opened the package and I was shocked at how densely packed this brush is and how soft it is. It is well packed and the bristles curve. 

It says to use for a flawless finish for foundation. I must say when I used it on my skin it did glide on the skin and I didn't feel any tugging or pulling. It didn't just move the product around my face either. You know when you keep blending and you get streaks and you are just moving foundation all over your face and you are getting nowhere. I will say it took a bit longer than my beauty blender or blank canvas F20 but I guess I am well used to using them now that it's a breeze. 

Here is where this brush is a MASSIVE winner for me. I applied my concealer in the usual areas and decided to use this to blend it out. I LOVED it for this. It glided the concealer so nicely and it didn't move my foundation underneath. Which I hate. I used this brush by using gliding motions and back and forth. Not really lifting the brush from my face. 

Lets talk about how cute this brush is! Its oval and has like a rose gold effect and I think its super on trend. I seriously would repurchase this again and I hope penny's expand the range to maybe a larger one for quicker application of foundation. 

Guys you cant go wrong for €4. I'm so impressed by this! xxx  

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