Sunday, 23 October 2016

Benefit Roller Lash Review

This wee mascara has been about for a while and I purchased this a while back. It's said to lift and curl lashes, for extreme curly lashes. This retails at €26 which is pretty steep for a mascara if you ask me. The most important thing about this post is 'does it live up to the hype?'

This mascara has a plastic wand which I LOVE. These are my fav types of mascara. The wand itself has a curve, which you can see from the picture above. It has different size hairs or spikes on the wand. I think this is what grabs on to the lashes and lifts them up. This mascara says that you don't need a lash curler with this mascara. I personally don''t use a lash curler as my own lashes are pretty curly and with mascara they get even curler. 

This made my lashes so curly and they lasted that way alllll day. I think one of my favourite parts about this mascara is that it doesn't smudge under the eye after a few hours of wear. This is a pet peeve of mine with mascara.  Here are 2 pics with one eye with  the roller lash and the other without. 

With Flash

Without flash

This mascara helps separate and lengthen your lashes aswell and it layers superb without getting clumpy! Win! Benefit Roller Lash mascara lives up to the hype completely It curls and lifts the lashes and it lasts all day. The only downside is the price. If the price doesn't bother you then you should try this mascara. 

Alanna xxx
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