Saturday, 1 October 2016

TheBalm Schwing, liquid liner

Liquid liner is something everyone should have. Its one of those things that can make a look. I used to be ride or die the L'oreal Liquid Liner and went through at least 6 tubes in my time, 

I love the brand TheBalm and I am a fan of alot of their products.  This was something I was excited about. The wand was exactly what I like to apply my liner. Its nice and thin with a tiny point. 

This product can really help achieve that crisp line on your eyelid and it dries matte. Its nice and black and looks great on the lid. 

Here comes the bad part. This is in no way waterproof. When I laugh I cry. I mean tripping in tears. So this is not so great. This liner smudges like crazy. If your eyes water even a bit, It just goes everywhere and that is not a pretty look. 

Below I had the teeniest we wing and there was a funny show on TV and this was the outcome: 


I do love waterproof gel liner but that can be hard to use if you are not used to it. 

I love this for how straight a line you get and how great the applicator is but this will go everywhere if your eyes are watery at all. 

Alanna xxx

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