Monday, 23 January 2017

Nima Brushes Review.

Don't you just love the colours of these brushes? Well that's not the only reason I wanted these. I needed more eye brushes for myself as I like to keep my professional brushes and personal brushes separate. When I seen Nima Brushes had an eye set with basically all the eye brushes I wanted. I jumped at the chance to get them. Plus that folio they come in is pretty cute too!

This eye set has 8 eye brushes and they are perfect for perfecting any eye look you want to create. There are blending brushes, flat and pencil brushes. Small detail brushes and an angle brush which I love for powder for my eyebrows. 

Not only are these brushes pretty to look at with the colour but they are great quality brushes aswell. 

I also purchased 2 single brushes for myself that I needed. I wanted a small stipple brush to blend in my contour and I wanted a dome shaped brush to set my under eye area with powder. 

Stipple Brush 'Caroline'

Dome Shapped 'Wendy'

I use these brushes on a daily occasion on myself. They wash great and they really do exactly what I want. The handles can get dirty easy with the colour but they also are easily cleaned. 

These brushes all are named with names of people I presume are close friends or family of the owners of this company which I love because its so personal. 

The eye set costs €65 and the single brushes were €16 each.  

Thanks for reading, Alanna xx

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