Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Mini Colourpop Haul/Review

So by now you will have seen all the buzz about Colourpop. Colourpop is an affordable makeup brand from the US and is known for their quality products. I have wanted their liquid lips for a long time and when free international shipping came up I jumped at the chance. I have a few shadows and a highlighter from them, a friend gave me them as she received broken products and they resent them to her, so I got the damaged products. They seem to have a fab customer service. 

For the liquid lipsticks, I decided to go with a set, as I really liked all the colours in the Forever or Never set. Here are all the colours swatched on my arm. This was $25.00

Airplane mode, Bumble, L.A.X, Teeny Tiny and Clueless. 
 These shades are fabulous and they last so long on the lips. The only draw back is that the darker shades go patchy much quicker than the lighter shades. These lipsticks last though. Almost all day. They are slightly drying. With any liquid lipstick you will have to keep your lips hydrated.

Next we have the eyebrow pencil in the colour Black N Brown.  This is a fab wee eyebrow pencil and is super affordable. It has a spooly on one end and a tiny pencil on the other end. This was $5.00

The pencil end is very like the Anastasia of Beverly Hills eyebrow pencil. Small and precise. The shade I got was quite dark and really would only suit dark brunettes. All in all though, this is a great wee pencil for the price. 

 Next we have another eyebrow product. The Bangin' Brunette pomade.  This was $6.00.  So affordable and very comparable to the ABH pomade I love and use all the time.

This pomade lasts and I love the consistency of it. I mean for the price this is amazing. 

When I received the package, which took over a month to get here, there was a €14 customs charge. This made my wee cheap purchase not so cheap. With custom charges it is the luck of the draw and usually if you keep it below $50 you are in the clear but I have heard that almost every purchase with Colourpop ends up with a customs charge. Keep that in mind when shopping on the ColourPop website. 


Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Battle of the micellar water's

Right now every brand has or is releasing micellar water. I am going to be talking about four micellar waters in total. The Penney's micellar water, Simple, Garnier and Bioderma. 

First we have the Penney's micellar water. €2.50.
Image result for penneys micellar water
This feels soapy on the skin and really leaves a residue after. The whole point in micellar waters is no rinse. With this I feel that I really need to rinse my face after each use.

Second we have the Simple Micellar water. €3.
Image result for simple micellar water price
 Nope this was a big nope for me. This stings my eyes pretty bad. I didn't like the residue it left on my face and I don't like having to purchase an eye makeup remover separate to my micellar water.

Third we have the Garnier Micellar water. With the pink lid. €3-€5.
Image result for garnier micellar water`
I LOVE this. This does everything. Cleanses the face leaving it squeaky clean and no stinging of the eyes at all. It removes the eye makeup so easily. This gets a massive thumbs up because it does everything and is great for all skin types.

Fourth we have the Bioderma Micellar water. Pink. €15.

This is great but is quite expensive when I think that the Garnier does the exact same if not is better because the Bioderma does just slightly irritate my eyes but no where near as bad as the simple or the Penny's.

They all do a great job cleaning your face. The stand out product is the Garnier Micellar water. The price and the fact that it is an eye makeup remover and cleanser all in one. You really cant go wrong.

When micellar waters dont work for me I use them to spot clean my makeup brushes so they never are wasted.

Thanks for reading. Alanna xxx


Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette

Hello you beautiful palette. I have wanted this palette since June last year, when it was released. I have added it and removed it from cart since November. Now finally I bit the bullet and bought for myself for valentines day (I know, how sad)! lol  

With Flash

This palette consists of 14 shades. They are highly pigmented and oh so creamy. I know those words are thrown around when used to describe eyeshadow's but with this, It's the truth. These eyeshadow's blend like a dream

Without flash
Anastasia Of Beverly Hills(ABH) is a well known brand and anything I have from them or tried I have loved.  The theme of palette is warm toned reds and neutrals. As the name suggests it uses the colour's from the renaissance period and all of the shades can be paired to create beautiful eye looks.
Now for the swatches:

Top Row

First we have

Tempera: Is a velvety beige that is a matte shade.

Golden Ochre: Yellow matte finish

Vermeer: Iridesent Shell with a metallic finish

Buon Fresco: A light lavender matte

Antique Bronze: Metallic sable with satin finish

Love letter: Raspberry ultra matte finish

Cyprus umber: Dark coffee ultra matte

Bottom Row

Raw Sienna: Neutral amber with a matte finish

Burnt Orange: Deep orange, ultra matte finish

Primavera: Shimmery gold with metallic finish

Red Ochre: Sienna, ultra matte finish

Venetian Red: Crimson matte

Warm Taupe: Earthy Grey matte

Realgar: Brick colour, matte

The description of these shades were pulled from the website. 

In the palette we have a doubled ended brush with a fluffy end for blending and a flat end for eyeshadow application.  The quality of this brush is pretty darn good consider it comes with the palette. 

Image result for anastasia modern renaissance looks
Photo Cred: Manny MUA
Here are some looks using the plaette: 
Image result for anastasia modern renaissance looks
Photo cred: Kathleen Lights
I purchased this palette on for €51.90. Yes the price is pretty steep but honestly the quality of these shadows are amazing and considering an individual eyeshadow from ABH is $12 this is great value for money. 

If you have wanted this palette or considered purchasing this then it is definitely worth your money.  

Thanks for reading, Alanna xxx


Monday, 13 February 2017

DIY: How to fix your broken makeup brush

So we have all been there. When the metal part (the ferrule) of your makeup brush detaches from the handle, leaving you with a stump of a makeup brush.

All you need to fix this is glue! I have done this a few times and it works. Now the only glue I had on hand was a PVC glue from your school days (mom life). You can use Gorilla glue or any super glue you have.

Obviously PVC glue isn't as strong as super glue and I have had to re-glue a brush once or twice but this doesn't bother me. 

Step 1: Clean out the inside of the ferrule with a tissue.

Step 2: Place the glue inside the ferrule and make sure not to use too much because when you place the handle in the ferrule product will come out the sides. If some glue does seep out the sides, simply wipe away the excess with tissue.

Step 3: Let it dry over night.

And that is that. Your brushes are like new!

Alanna xxx
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