Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Battle of the micellar water's

Right now every brand has or is releasing micellar water. I am going to be talking about four micellar waters in total. The Penney's micellar water, Simple, Garnier and Bioderma. 

First we have the Penney's micellar water. €2.50.
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This feels soapy on the skin and really leaves a residue after. The whole point in micellar waters is no rinse. With this I feel that I really need to rinse my face after each use.

Second we have the Simple Micellar water. €3.
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 Nope this was a big nope for me. This stings my eyes pretty bad. I didn't like the residue it left on my face and I don't like having to purchase an eye makeup remover separate to my micellar water.

Third we have the Garnier Micellar water. With the pink lid. €3-€5.
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I LOVE this. This does everything. Cleanses the face leaving it squeaky clean and no stinging of the eyes at all. It removes the eye makeup so easily. This gets a massive thumbs up because it does everything and is great for all skin types.

Fourth we have the Bioderma Micellar water. Pink. €15.

This is great but is quite expensive when I think that the Garnier does the exact same if not is better because the Bioderma does just slightly irritate my eyes but no where near as bad as the simple or the Penny's.

They all do a great job cleaning your face. The stand out product is the Garnier Micellar water. The price and the fact that it is an eye makeup remover and cleanser all in one. You really cant go wrong.

When micellar waters dont work for me I use them to spot clean my makeup brushes so they never are wasted.

Thanks for reading. Alanna xxx

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