Monday, 13 February 2017

DIY: How to fix your broken makeup brush

So we have all been there. When the metal part (the ferrule) of your makeup brush detaches from the handle, leaving you with a stump of a makeup brush.

All you need to fix this is glue! I have done this a few times and it works. Now the only glue I had on hand was a PVC glue from your school days (mom life). You can use Gorilla glue or any super glue you have.

Obviously PVC glue isn't as strong as super glue and I have had to re-glue a brush once or twice but this doesn't bother me. 

Step 1: Clean out the inside of the ferrule with a tissue.

Step 2: Place the glue inside the ferrule and make sure not to use too much because when you place the handle in the ferrule product will come out the sides. If some glue does seep out the sides, simply wipe away the excess with tissue.

Step 3: Let it dry over night.

And that is that. Your brushes are like new!

Alanna xxx
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