Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Mini Colourpop Haul/Review

So by now you will have seen all the buzz about Colourpop. Colourpop is an affordable makeup brand from the US and is known for their quality products. I have wanted their liquid lips for a long time and when free international shipping came up I jumped at the chance. I have a few shadows and a highlighter from them, a friend gave me them as she received broken products and they resent them to her, so I got the damaged products. They seem to have a fab customer service. 

For the liquid lipsticks, I decided to go with a set, as I really liked all the colours in the Forever or Never set. Here are all the colours swatched on my arm. This was $25.00

Airplane mode, Bumble, L.A.X, Teeny Tiny and Clueless. 
 These shades are fabulous and they last so long on the lips. The only draw back is that the darker shades go patchy much quicker than the lighter shades. These lipsticks last though. Almost all day. They are slightly drying. With any liquid lipstick you will have to keep your lips hydrated.

Next we have the eyebrow pencil in the colour Black N Brown.  This is a fab wee eyebrow pencil and is super affordable. It has a spooly on one end and a tiny pencil on the other end. This was $5.00

The pencil end is very like the Anastasia of Beverly Hills eyebrow pencil. Small and precise. The shade I got was quite dark and really would only suit dark brunettes. All in all though, this is a great wee pencil for the price. 

 Next we have another eyebrow product. The Bangin' Brunette pomade.  This was $6.00.  So affordable and very comparable to the ABH pomade I love and use all the time.

This pomade lasts and I love the consistency of it. I mean for the price this is amazing. 

When I received the package, which took over a month to get here, there was a €14 customs charge. This made my wee cheap purchase not so cheap. With custom charges it is the luck of the draw and usually if you keep it below $50 you are in the clear but I have heard that almost every purchase with Colourpop ends up with a customs charge. Keep that in mind when shopping on the ColourPop website. 

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