Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Alfaparf Precious nature Oil

Is your hair dry? Frizzy? Tangled? This is the product for you. Infused with Grape serum and lavender. This has all natural ingredients. The grape serum, tames frizz and detangles hair. Keeps moisture locked in the hair. Lavender helps with the definition of curls without weighing down the hair. 

This oil comes with a pump to help the product from getting messy and for ease of use. 

The product smells unreal. I would put it in my hair for the smell only! The lavender and grape go so well together. This really works though. My hair, at the ends is super dry from bleaching the crap out of it. This literally helps get a brush through your hair and does not leave it greasy like other oils do. Although other oils like coconut oil are great for hair treatments. This oil is great for when your hair is damp and dry. It can help style your hair and really helps defining curls or keeping the hair sleek and shiny.  Simply apply a pump in you hand and rub both hands together. Starting at the ends of the hair, apply the product evenly. If you have any product left over apply to the rest of the hair, leaving the roots alone. 

I purchased my precious oil in Vixen Hair and Beauty Carndonagh for €19.90. 
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