Monday, 6 March 2017

Lacura Caviar Day and Night cream-Aldi

These creams have been on the go for about a year and a half. I have heard and seen great reviews on them. Even though they are aimed at 40+ I was so intrigued that they were supposed to be a dupe for the La Pairie cream, which runs at €367.. When anything says hydrating and illuminating I just get sucked in and need it!

The day cream has an SPF of 15. In any daily moisturiser having an SPF is a must. Both these creams contains Caviar extract. Rich in vitamins and minerals that plump and firm the skin. This also has snow algae that stimulates collagen synthesis. This cream is heavier than what I am used to but boy do I love it. My skin feels so hydrated and soft all day with this. You only need a small bit of this to moisturise the entire face. I have found that the day cream is an amazing makeup primer also.  I put it on and after a minute I knew that this would make an amazing prep step for foundation.  This on its own or under foundation leaves your skin dewy and illuminated all day. 

Day cream on my finger. 
Day cream in the tub. 

Next we have the night cream. This is also infused with caviar extract and also snow algae. Snow algae helps repair and sooth the skin. From the website: 'Additional caring benefits include hyaluronic acid to help increase moisturisation and prevent water loss as well provitamin B5 to help soothe and repair damaged skin. Your skin looks recovered and relaxed in the morning.This is a thinner consistency than the day cream.  It feels so light weight on the skin at night and when you wake up your skin feels so hydrated and over time the skin will look plumper, firmer and more youthful.  They both are in glass containers and I love that. No plastic chemicals seeping through to the product. 

Night cream consistency.

I have read in other reviews that people have even used the night cream under the eyes and noticed a massive difference on their wrinkles and puffiness. I love my DIY eyecream and have not tried this yet. When I run out, I might just give this a go. All in all, I don't think you will look like you have had a face-lift. I do think that your skin will feel hydrated and glowy. Giving a youthful appearance to the skin.

Both of these creams are €9 each!!! Yes €9 is amazing. You can get these in Aldi and they fly off shelves for very good reason. 

Thanks for reading, Alanna xxx

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