Monday, 10 April 2017


I have one word for this product. Hybrid! This is marketed as a blush for benefit. This can also be a bronzer. Its one of those universal products that can be used for both. 

Like all Benefit Blushes, it comes with a soft natural brush inside that I actually love for contouring. 

It is like a rosy bronze shade and I love it in the summer. It has a sheen to it, Its not fully matte but it's not shimmery either. It gives a lovely radiance to the skin. This is one of those products that is perfect if you don't want to contour but you want a bronzy tone to the face and if you cant decide on a blusher because you cant decide what colour would match your look, this is it. The colour goes with any look. 

Benefit dallas swatched. 

This is fab quality as most products from Benefit are. It is not chalky and is super easy to blend on the skin. This has been in my collection a long time.This flatters all skin tones. Here it is on the cheeks.

Benefit Dallas is available at Debenhams for €34 and on Sephora for $29. 

Alanna x

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