Hi, My name is Alanna Gallagher. I am a proud mom of 2 wonderful boys. I love all things Beauty, Haircare, Make-up and Food(lets not forget food).

I moved back to Ireland from San Francisco a year ago, after being there for 5 years. I am a MUA and Hairdresser. I decided to add in a blog on top of that, sure why not!!

I want to share what I have and what I love to do and buy because I love reading these kind of things and binge watching youtube. I have been thinking about doing this for sooooooooo long and a youtube channel as well, so I finally got some things in order and decided to start with this blog.

I hope you like and feel free to comment!!xx

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Disclaimer: I am not a skincare professional. Everything on this blog is just my simple opinions. All pictures are my own and to be asked for permission for re-use.
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